7 師 Shih
Leading–Military Acumen–Earth Over Water

L7chingMan must govern governments, so governments do not absurdly govern man. Too much power brings tyranny. Bloodshed is not necessary. When a good military strategist corners his prey with stealth and acumen or withdraws to fight for another day, he lives for another day. Become the peaceful warrior. Earth over water signifies groundwater that satisfies man’s thirst, but without discipline, self-indulgent behavior will exhaust it quickly. The earth sinks, the region desiccates, and man dies of thirst. Fair-minded rule restores order and the destruction that war creates.
Associated Tarot Cards:
King of Swords is the warlord at the forefront of insurgences.
Knight of Swords should not wield his sword too heavy-handedly.
Ace of Swords wields a double-edged sword and knows that great power can turn into tyranny.
Five of Swords warns of victory not worthy of the battle.