9 小畜 Hsiao Ch'u
The Taming–Small Harvest–Wind Over Heaven

L9chingSmall progress is better than no progress. No one can force a round peg into a square hole, but sometimes you are dealt only square holes. Forcing progress at this time can cause more harm than good. Tranquil water is less destructive than rough seas. You must enjoy the small but significant snail’s pace towards the end to a means. Progress by leaps and bounds can disrupt your qi when unprepared or the timing is wrong for the circumstance. In fact, such robust development can break the camel’s back. In a business sense, the company may not have enough offices, employees, computers, stockrooms, or overhead to cover vigorous growth in an organized manner. Customers become impatient, customer service is inadequate, and progress recedes. Allow each small piece of the puzzle to fall into place or risk upsetting the cart.
Associated Tarot Cards:
Strength is taming.
Two of Pentacles strikes a balance in your workload.
Five of Wands tames the opponents that hold him back.