Ace of Cups

Ace of Cups Ace of Cups seeds a great love for those who love to be loved. Your cup runneth over with the pristine waters of happiness. It’s the Holy Grail of life waiting to be filled with blessings, and the harbinger for the potential of growing love, passion, companionship, familial amity, and overall well-being of emotions for a new spiritual awakening. The bud of new beginnings is struggling to bloom but has not yet reached fruition. You’re wearing your feelings on your sleeve by instinct because you know that promise is budding. The powerful emotions of joy flow out of your heart. Driven by intuition, insight opens your eyes to a deeper understanding of your purpose and aspirations in connection with love and career paths. When this card appears, it heralds the blessings of childbirth, budding romance, marriage, rites of passage rituals, blissful social gatherings, job offers, and business success. The tide is yearning for you to accomplish your dreams.
Keywords: love, beginnings happiness, insight, purpose, aspirations, career, dreams, passion, companionship, familial amity, friendships, well-being, intuition, instincts, sympathy, nurturing, true heart, joy, blessings, renewed emotions, reconnection, romance, marriage, social gatherings, job offers, business success, contentment, pleasure, abundance, receptive, compassionate, art and beauty
Reversed: powerful positive omen, change, and contrarily overly emotional, emptiness, blocked intuition, false hopes, bad news, break-ups, pain, disappointment, instability, revolution, evil intentions