Ace of Swords

Ace of SwordsAce of Swords is the two-edged sword of intellect that imposes justice or supports deceptive and evil machinations, while adding another chapter in the book of your life. This is the swift power to heal or harm, restore or destroy. Aces are about a new beginning, but with the Swords aspect, it can be cutting and even undercutting. If the sword is used for the positive, it can cut through all the layers of crap like a machete through the jungle to get to the heart of the matter because, as with Emperor, this card controls freedom, challenges, logic over emotions, truth and justice, sudden change, inner strength, and the air element of communication. Like lightning, epiphanies shine a light on the most significant aspects and suddenly make them crystal clear, or this shining light is cast into a dark abyss of ill will and malice. On the positive side, the thin veil of obscurity is breached and new ideas are blooming, new purposes are blossoming, and flowering questions are answered in completely innovative ways, but imagined and real are two different realms. You must cut the old dried leaves off the plant for the struggling buds to flourish. Swords is the mind; this is mind over matter or many matters. Your thinking is changing, for things suddenly look quite different from your new perspective. Challenges and conflict are intrinsic to the Swords, so you have to be on guard. Justice battles its way into the sunlight for true lucidity. The Querent wields this sword with the dual potential for positive or negative effects. Communication industries such as media, journalism, and publishing are highlighted to get the word out, or for the exchange of ideas and talking it out in relationship affairs. Your career may soar into outer space with just the right words. The S/words can merge into one and piercingly cut a deep hurtful gash. Great power can easily turn into tyranny. If you live by the sword, you die by the sword. Legal matters, contracts, or negations can have a sharp edge and require compromises that must be put into writing as part of the settlement. The pen is mightier than the Sword. The message brought through is either taxing or relaxing. You are on the cusp for great achievements and prosperity if your sword can cut through the confusion.
Keywords: practical, passionate intelligent, accomplishments, analytical and theoretical thinking, triumph, new perspective, excess, conquest, harm or heal, great force, undercutting, freedom, independent opinion, challenges, pursuits, decisions, logic over emotions, objectivity, truth and justice, mind over matter, sudden change, inner strength, communication, inception, conflict, tyranny, legalities
Reversed: lack of clarity, confusion, tragedy, misery, conflict, delay, unrealistic ideas, injustice, quarreling, misunderstandings, rejection, disputes, nervousness, stress, dogma, avoidance, unrewarding job, tyranny, unfocused, goalless