Ace of Wands

Ace of WandsAce of Wands is the guiding light that marks the beginning of a fruitful endeavor of exploits, ingenuity, physical challenges, and sexuality. Heaven is giving the earthly plane a message of good fortune. Now is the time to undertake a new venture with passion. This card rules creativity, childbirth, family, health, and vital energy. However, the Ace of Wands’ inspirational force of energy is quite fickle, and you have to keep close tabs on his fast moving developments. Your creative vision is taking form, but you need to go to the drawing board to start making it a reality. The wand is in your hand and the gears are in motion. Take advantage of this auspicious time of change. In these shifting waves travel, good news, or new surroundings may fan the embers of a wildfire of passion for a new love, child, business, or career. Intense energy swirls into zeal for life and travel. Firmly grip his Wand and take your life’s direction into your own hands. Don’t hold back, strut your stuff, and show what you are made of.
Keywords: fruitful endeavor, exploits, ingenuity, physically challenging, sexuality, creativity, childbirth, family, health, energy, inspiration, creative vision, travel, good news, new surroundings, passion, love, new business, travel, enthusiasm, optimism, career change, creation, invention, enterprise, beginning, source, birth, money, fortune, inheritance, spirited, confident, active pursuits
Reversed: aggressiveness, violence, cruelty, impulsive, frustration, anger, lustful, neglect, monotony, energy blockage, powerless, bad news, apathy, delays, overwhelmed, failure, disappointment, impatience