XIII Death

XIII DeathXIII Death teaches you to leave your useless beliefs and emotions behind and welcome a new way of thinking with open arms. It’s a metaphorical transformation of death to rebirth. Death is now just a passing of the immaterial to the energy of enlightenment. Transition, transformation, and transmutation occur in the conversion of energy in the material world to reincarnate you into the spiritual world. Change is not the enemy of Death, but you could be the enemy of change. Resisting change is resisting the intrinsic flow of the universe. Things happen for many reasons, and your job is to let these unknown reasons work their magic in the backdrop, and if change not accepted, Death personifies loss. Change will happen regardless of how much you kick and scream. The fates lead the willing and drag the unwilling. Death shows up because you subconsciously beckoned him to end a long drawn out drama. Death’s appearance portends endings and deals with the crescendo of a grand finale of a transformation for the Phoenix to rise again. The sign of Scorpio that represents this card reveals the understanding that both life and death are one. The Fool is freed by Death and transitions to a new chapter in his life.
Keywords: deep change, catharsis, transfiguration, metamorphosis, creation, destruction, loss, retirement, transition, transformation, known to the unknown, letting go, acceptance, destination, renewal, rest, ending of a cycle, conclusion, corruption, sadness, dread, psychological conversion, chameleon transmutation, regeneration, altered consciousness, healing, inescapability, mortality
Reversed: inertia, sleep, sleepwalking, lethargy, petrifaction, outdated, resistance