Eight of Cups

Eight of CupsEight of Cups signifies the grief, isolation, and painful times are eclipsing, and you are actively in search for what is missing in your life. The accepted status quo moved you into the doldrums of an airless equatorial lull. You gave too much and got back too little. Your past intrigues or the loss of someone brought you to the brink of devastation, desolation, and despondency. Nothing lasts forever. You’ve been set adrift alone, and there’s no going back to your former life. Your boat flounders without a keel, open sail, oars in the water, and sinking with steamer trunks full of emotional baggage. Hope is lost until you heave these heavy trunks over the side of the boat, allowing you to unfurl your sail and let the wind pick it up. It’s time to move on from the heavy baggage of unbalanced relationships or dealings and find your true self. Lassitude can’t be tolerated at this time. Let the breath of a refreshing wind smoothly sail you into new horizons with your hand on the keel. Travel is in this card for a respite or a peaceful vacation. If anything, it’s time to walk away from a bad situation. You'll sacrifice worldly pleasures for spiritual renewal but the wisdom gained is priceless.
Keywords: declining matters, grief, isolation, devastation, desolation, despondency, disheartened, emotional baggage, lull, status quo, something of importance is now inconsequential, rejection, unhappiness, separation, fell out of love, new options, different direction, change
Reversed: fear of change, relinquished, conceded, diversion, lamb to the lion