Eight of Pentacles

Eight of PentaclesEight of Pentacles counsels that the fruits of your labor are being rewarded with success. Putting your nose to the grindstone reaps treasures in many spheres. You were the pragmatic apprentice following in the footsteps of the Master, learning new skills while tapping the hammer and working the saw. Finally, you’ve feathered your nest with talents and financial security only artisans achieved in the olden days. Don’t let the long haul of apprenticeship discourage you. Hang on and keep your eyes on the prize. Hard work and determination earn success. Your work is a class act. You’re the farmer outstanding in his field. While others only measure once, you measure three times before cutting the wood. Your empire was not built on hasty work but quality work only achieved through talent, patience, and long-term endurance and has now caught the public eye. Word got out about your superior products, and now everyone wants one. You are now becoming the Master of your trade. Dedication to a job well done has brought you to this cornerstone. Profits soar, reputation established, and financial security achieved. Use your talents and abilities to the maximum of their capacity. Your work is a labor of love. Now that you’ve mastered your trade, it’s time to become the teacher. The upshot of this card is the security of your future. Let all come to who by merit deserve the most reward.
Keywords: reward, success, pragmatism, determination, talents, skill, quality work, dedication, precedence, priorities, persistence, long-term commitment, progress, job well done, profits, future security, deserving, practice, fluency, expertise, tenacity, self-discipline, mastery, conscientious, employment, career, trade, self-discipline, commitment, commission, craftsmanship, qualified, business acumen
Reversed: shoddy work, inattentive, inferiority, unfocused, undedicated, distractions, void of ambition, quick buck, selfishness, milking an agreement, excuses, excesses, unrewarding, unpaid, uneducated, unqualified or overqualified, incompetent, untrustworthy, disordered, underworked or overworked, impatience, vanity, laziness, unfit, ennui, greedy, shyster, demanding, overspending