Eight of Swords

Eight of SwordsEight of Swords is internal and external abuse that ensnares you in its labyrinth. Shell shocked from numerous battles, you or someone you know is incapacitated, restrained, trapped, and it feels like sharp swords are surrounding you into a small confined space. If you were Houdini, you could escape the clutches of the bindings of this terrifying quandary of the blinding unknown to seek the freedom to make your own choices. Take control back of your sword and save yourself because you have exhausted and blocked all forms of escape and rescue: you’ve made every excuse in the book to avoid change. As Shakespeare said, “Bad excuses are worse than none.” Everyone’s tired of your sorry-sack complaints about your life or someone you know who never does anything about these problems. Family members, good friends, coworkers, counselors, and acquaintances have talked their faces blue, and you haven’t listened, and they eventually gave up. Misery loves company, but suddenly you find yourself alone because no one wants to hear about your sorry life anymore. Most importantly, you haven’t listened to your own inner voice that knows what’s happening in your life is wrong, even if you don’t understand the full extent of it. No one is an innocent victim; just your presence in this scene makes you a thespian on your own self-made stage. Drop all the drama and theatrics. It’s been left up to you to break the chains of your personal fears and misgivings that have rendered you helplessness and hopelessness. You are the only one who can make your life better because you’ve pushed everyone else away. You have to conjure up fortitude and stick up for yourself to break the trammels of these obstacles to get out of a bad situation and move on with your life. Cornered animals eventually claw their way out of confinement or die. A variety of different problems and dangers hover around this card: dire unhappiness, mental instabilities, depression and despair, financial insecurities, destructive and controlling relationships, illicit affairs, extreme and escalating workplace issues or business losses, and illegal and criminal activities. Each sword of these eight dangers must be methodically revealed and resolved; this is the penultimate scene before disaster strikes.
Keywords: abuse, vitriol, incapacitated, restrained, trapped, confusion, disorientation, temporary blockage, reconsideration, missed deadlines, stage fright, misjudgment, powerlessness, failure, unrealistic, internal barrier, bad situation, obstacles, danger, blinding fear, excuses, complaints, alone, quandary, miserable, personal fears, misgivings, helplessness, hopelessness, danger, loss of direction, disappointment, frustration, difficulty, unchanging, stubborn, dire unhappiness, mental instabilities, depression, despair, financial insecurities, destructive and controlling relationships, illicit affairs, workplace drama, business losses, criminal activities, obstacles, moving on, bad news, crisis, conflict, sickness
Reversed: release, relief, repair, new freedom, hope, healing, fair legalities, concord and contrarily tighter bondage, controlling situation, runaway imagination, dysfunction, debt, disquiet, difficulty, opposition, oppression, accident, treachery, unknowns, subjugation, buckling pressure