Eight of Wands

Eight of WandsEight of Wands is sudden change. The hazy miasma clears, and this becomes the tipping point of an immovable mountain that finally moves. You no longer hear that your cell phone cannot make a connection. The satellites are in the right place for your call to go through and things start to shake, rattle, and roll. After a long period of quiescent work, the flag drops, the racecars reeve their engines, and the cars take off down the track. The thundering sound of pistons working at full speed reminds you that the hustle and bustle of life and on-going projects are suddenly moving at a frenetic pace, and the workload is heavy, maybe too heavy. However, haste makes waste so don’t rush into anything right now. Everything has been set into motion so go with the flow. Love intrigues appear with this card but caution advised because very few couples fall in love at first sight, or it could be love at first sight for properties, belongings, ideas, or opportunities. You’re the lighting rod of affinity, and you are immensely enjoying yourself. You are making the framework of the puzzle, piece by piece. Conundrums finally have clarity as each piece flies into place. Doors once closed have swung open. Your car is at the head of the pack and crosses the finish line by half a lap, leaving you competitors behind in the dust. A flurry of travel plans and travel can have you rushing around at breakneck speed, but you wouldn’t have it any other way.
Keywords: speedy end, tipping point, fast pace, great hope, exploring potentials, high expectations, new opportunities, renewed efforts, unintimidated, sky’s the limit, heavy workload, haste, go with the flow, love at first sight, affinity, travel, conundrums, clarity, doors opening, time for action, rapid developments, winner’s circle, felicity, arrows of love
Reversed: breakneck or lethargic pace, frenzied rush, missed opportunities, fears, burnt out, distractions, burdens, jealousy, interferences, lack of interest, unplanned, poorly planned, delays, volatility, arguments, rivalry, quarrels, antagonism, resentment, controversy, indecisive, impetuous, forgetful