Five of Cups

Five of CupsFive of Cups presages a grief-ridden person that’s mourning loss. Spilled cups lay on their side while the upright full ones ignored. Something traumatically changed, and your path took you down the narrow alley of emotional desolation. An ongoing stressful situation has broadsided you with more drama. Redemption is the full cups that signify the hope of change, but you don’t want hope or change right now. Denial is part of the state of affairs. Hanging onto the past is more important than moving into the present and future. Feeling sorry for yourself is not an option. The formidable bridge of the past must be crossed in order to live in the present. Whether this happened from your own actions causing you feelings of remorse or from the actions of another, it really doesn’t matter at this point; the damage has been done, and there’s no going back. Cut your losses, move on, and change what you can change.
Keywords: disappointment, disbelief, despair, sadness, hardhearted, frustration, death, loss, grief, denial, mourning, suffering, traumatic event, trying times, divorce, separation, job loss, unrealistic goals, torment, weakness, hopelessness, desolation, bitterness, depression, stress, remorse, treachery, fault, blame, shame, mistake, blunder, weakness, regret, guilt, setback, impediment, intolerance, patrimony, bitter marriage, point of no return
Reversed: coming to grips, absolution, news (so pull another card), alliances, kinship, affinity, return, rebuilding, self-forgiveness and contrarily difficult closure, family secrets