Five of Pentacles

Five of PentaclesFive of Pentacles demonstrates how the spirit can soar during heydays and hit rock bottom during times of dearth. Pride goeth before the fall and actually continues after the fall, for better it is to be of a humble spirit with the lowly than to divide the spoils with the proud, and for he that handles a matter wisely shall find good. The high and mighty has the longest distance to fall from grace because of their haughtiness. Unexpectedly, they are thrown out of a social circle as outcasts, perhaps from wrongdoings. Misfortune fuels hardships and hardships fuel negative emotions. The circumstances have dipped to dire straits and despair has overcome faith, perhaps from an illness. They are walking down the street named “Broken Dreams,” and adversity is teaching harsh lessons on the street named “Recovery.” Spiritual growth has stagnated, and you lost the guidance of your inner light. A warning light goes on for a loss of fortune when this card appears. The shame of poverty or the stigma of the scarcity of money requires you to ask for alms. Drop the sorry sack worry and pity, pull yourself together, and begin to rectify your problems. Doors that you have closed can be opened because this is the time to ask for assistance from others, who are willing to help even though you might not deserve their help, or on the other hand, you might be in a position to help someone that is downtrodden. If you want a guarantee in life, buy a toaster, fill out the little guarantee card, and send it in. If you want a promise for a happy life, you have to diligently pay your dues. Would you rather have a healthy constitution physically and mentally with comforts not luxuries or a billion bucks in the bank and ill health? The olive branch of peace must be extended to your inner self. The Latin idiom “ad augusta per angusta” translates into through difficulties to honors and is the motto of this card.
Keywords: defeat, loss of fortune, pride, fall from grace, haughtiness, despair, stagnation, poverty, hardships, broken dreams, coping with failure, no guarantee, serious problems, flawed judgment, outcast, wrongdoings, loss of faith, harsh lessons, receiving alms, plight, blame, depression, downtrodden, suffering, homeless, bankruptcy, trapped, desperation, destitution, austerity, unemployed, reaching out for assistance
Reversed: disorder, chaos, ruin, extravagance, and contrarily renewal of faith, lesson learned, eclipsing of hard times, turning point, reciprocation, upturn, employment