Five of Swords

Five of SwordsFive of Swords possesses the field of battle as others retreat. Overall, the suit of Swords is a rough crowd and this card is no exception. The disappointment of defeat becomes your personal defeat. Learn success from defeat by getting back on your horse. Victory should not be followed by excessive arrogance. This game has no rules, so make some. Calmly sharing how you feel when a person mistreats you or others demonstrates dignity, self-respect, and poise. On the other hand, if you are the intimidator, most people just want to pull up the tent stacks and move camp. In card three, a troubled person was acting out in a hurtful way, and in card four, the person involved sought rest and solace. The Five of Swords portends the existence of someone still troubled and avoided by friends and family and treats others combatively to the point that it isn’t worth the effort to go into battle. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Reasonably resolving differences is missing in action. The notion of invincibility and irrationality are only for the young and immature and so is revenge. Impulsive reactions are tactless. Question if the victory is worth the battle or did others just lay down their swords and walk away because of the futility of the battle, for them not to fight today, it allows them to live to fight tomorrow. Walking away is not necessarily surrender when the cost of victory is too high: this is called a pyrrhic victory. Communication has completely broken down. Malicious words have already been spoken or will be soon enough. In the Bible, Proverbs 12:18 states, “Thoughtless words cut like a sword.” However, the weak can rear their head in defiance and prevail over their oppressors or overcome personally imposed inner oppression. You have to cut the hand off of the person wielding these swords at you because you are facing manipulation, thievery, and danger, especially near the Four of Pentacles. Not accepting defeat harmfully becomes your punishment of pride. The complexity of the Five of Swords card (coined the “selfish” card) requires a close look at the interaction of the surrounding cards in consideration of the question of the Querent' or pulling another card to expand the insight of the message.
Keywords: retreat, defeat, no rules, fierce competition, rivalry, vengeance, misleading, ruthlessness, conflict, arrogance, intimidation, manipulation, irrationality, mistreatment, pyrrhic victory, avoidance, combativeness, abuse, indifference, immaturity, revenge, futility of the battle, oppressors, oppression, thievery, danger, pride, selfishness, punishment, extremes, injury, mini-hanged man, predator, harassment, submission, capitulation, indignation, dissension, humiliation, mistrust, hostility, insulting, condescending, loss, separation or divorce
Reversed: truce, tenuous situation, undercutting, compromise, concessions, precariousness, moderation or degradation, destruction, regret, reversal, infamy, disappointment, dishonor, loss, burial, long-standing obstacles, intimidation, violence and damage, misfortune, catastrophe, bereavement, grief or same as upright