Five of Wands

Five of WandsFive of Wands indicates the party’s over from the Four of Wands’ celebration of success, and life feels lackluster. The skirmish to search for the meaning of life from the conflicts in your life is hitting full force. It’s the struggle of the inner self with the outer world. Everything is going wrong all at once. This card challenges you to the battle of cooperative change. No one wants to back down. This is the struggle between Freud’s three personas id, ego and super-ego that clashes with other egotistical personalities. Id is your inner most impulses and desires of your mind that speaks to the ego of the wants of “I” who then speaks to the super-ego of your conscience self that connects to the outer world of right and wrong. In fact, the word ego is Latin for I, as in–I am important and my desires are the most important thing over anyone else’s I. The psyche of self has overridden the constraints imposed by the super-ego that stops a person from doing bad things. Somehow, something got lost in the ego’s translation and all the super-ego heard was–I want therefore I get. Games are being played, and you have to learn the rules of the real world, not the perfect world the “I” conjured up in his or her mind. An inner balance of peace must prevail. After you defeat the inner dragons of I, you must seek peace with the outer world. The outer world’s chaos must be pacified because agreeing factions are far and in between. Hostilities increase to a crescendo. Egos are bruised in this irrelevant competition, and everyone feels unimportant and slighted. Your opponents hold you back but calm collected thoughts give you an air of unperturbed serenity. You ford into the rushing river of disagreement and make order out of chaos through cooperation and compromise. The word “eristic” means the art of dispute, and at times people argue for argument’s sake and have lost the premise of the agreement. Eris, the Greek goddess of chaos, strife and discord, incited arguments without pursuing the truth. One person has to be levelheaded enough to circumvent Eris’ fallacies and seek the truth and then cooler heads can prevail. Constructive debates over heated arguments are much more beneficial.
Keywords: lackluster, skirmish, struggle, no backing down, clashing egos, playing games, fallacies, chaos, hostilities, competition, disagreement, arguments, uncooperative or cooperation, compromise, vitriol, enemies, conflict, lose of perspective, anger, rashness, competitive sports, impatience, irrationality, gain
Reversed: cooperation, agreement, consideration, concord, compromise, debates, levelheadedness, priorities, and contrarily rebellion, all-out war, attacks, disputes, rage, threats, hate violence, immaturity, fight, legal wrangling, loss, trickery, contradiction, litigation, quarrels, deceit