Four of Cups

Four of CupsFour of Cups says when something is no longer a treat, you’ve had too much of it. Excesses have caused you to unappreciatively take things for granted because you haven’t counted your blessings or now no longer want these so-called blessing anymore. The spice of life has lost its zest. Variety is the spice of life, so perhaps you’ve had too much variety. Love might have been lost or something got lost in the translation, and things disappointingly didn’t work out the way you planned. You’ve heard the old saying that you were in your cups, meaning you were drunk and oblivious. This is an inert time of ennui, weariness, and depression from a mixture of penchants and a timeout to figure out what went wrong with so much merriment around you in the Three of Cups. Too much so-called fun can be a scandalous embarrassment the next morning that makes you crash and burn. Control and moderation are advised until you make peace within yourself and open your eyes to the opportunities that surround you.
Keywords: discontent, excesses, reverie, aloofness, rut, worry, limitations, pushing away, closed heart, lost love, drunkenness, addictions, habits, denying opportunities, break in the action, reevaluation, disgust, aversion, satiety, pleasure, unsettling, wastrel, idealism
Reversed: novelty, ambiguity, ambivalence, presage, new relations, and contrarily withdrawal, addiction, brooding, boredom, missed opportunity, fear of judgment