Four of Pentacles

Four of PentaclesFour of Pentacles indicates he has reached the pinnacle (pun intended) of his empire and is striving to hold tight onto every last pentacle by forestalling change. He stepped on many faces as he climbed the rungs of the ladder of success. Money occupies his mind with an unhealthy devotion, obsessive desire, and neurotic anxiety for the loss of one pentacle. He’s learned to be financially successful but has not learned that money cannot buy the precious gifts of good health, respect, genuine friendship, unconditional love, happiness, and more time on this earth. His privacy is isolation, perhaps loneliness and health-affecting emotional turmoil. Ambition supersedes compassion and the gusto for living a full life. Future pecuniary security of feathering his nest for retirement is more important than enjoying his life and his wealth in the here and now. He believes it’s better to be rich and unhappy than poor and unhappy. Worrying about earning it, saving it, and increasing it has robbed him of inner peace. A good administrator manages, supervises, copes, survives, and gives back. Ah-ha, the one thing he’s overlooked is giving back for what he’s received–the karma kink of the cycle. Everything is an object of possession under his control and not a privilege of ownership for happiness. Ebenezer Scrooge counted every pentacle and mistreated everybody. The downfall of financial ambitions is when you worship money as a god without one pentacle of altruism and acts of charity. For this reason, the Four of Pentacles is coined “The Miser.” Overcome avarice or avarice will overcome you. You can’t take one pentacle to the grave, but you can leave a living legacy for those who love you. When this card appears, money and possessions are secure with regards to business, job, savings, investments, and retirement acquired from good old hard work. Paul in the Bible said that money is the root of all kinds of evil, but many would like to be rooted, but as Paul goes on the say, grief can follow in its tracks. Many Four of Pentacle personas are hoarders and have the “don’t let go syndrome” that needs to be analyzed. Disputes over properties when any of the Swords cards appear with this card are a possibility.
Keywords: fear of loss, money obsession, miser, control, cautious, ownership, possessiveness, properties, stability, financial security, money can’t buy everything, forestalling change, loneliness, ungrateful, emotional turmoil, lacking inner peace, insecure, hoarder, resentment, protectiveness, selfishness, stinginess, greediness, nasty boss, and contrarily gift, legacy, inheritance, saving money
Reversed: new persona, generosity, purchases, sharing, and contrarily missed opportunities, self-doubt, rut, overspending, suspense, delay, opposition, risk, obstacles, financial enabler, financial loss, insolvency, thievery