Four of Swords

Four of SwordsFour of Swords is a respite after the previous two card challenges of conflict and loss to convalesce for the next up and coming challenges. Pseudo-post traumatic stress disorder is striking and breakdown is imminent. The flashbacks, nightmares, severe anxiety, and uncontrolled thoughts put you in danger of physical illness, and you’re overactive mind needs a rest before hospitalization is required. The disarray of the battles has rendered you sapped and weary. You or someone you know has been physically strained and mentally brain drained. In this weakened state, coping is difficult, and possibly seeking medical, spiritual, or religious succor is in order. Complete isolation is not the answer because it’s the troubling problems that need to be brought out in the open for answers. Nothing is worth ruining your health over. You’ve made your own prison or are possibly going to prison. However, faith has not been lost and hope is still alive and well. Step out of the arena and take a break before a breakdown strikes. This is a time of healing, restoration, and retreat. Licking your wounds, recouping your sanity, gaining perspective, and relaxing are the breaks that you need from worry and anxiety. You are still the master of your own fate. You don’t want to necessarily bury the hatchet quite yet but sharpen and oil it for the dangers ahead because the battle isn’t over. You are in the lull before the storm or the eye of a cyclone for now.
Keywords: respite, convalescences, healing, stress, breakdown, recovery, recuperate, confusion, not coping, sapped, weary, physical strained, troubling problems, illness, prison, hopelessness, despair, worry, anxiety, lull, comatose, retreat, solitude, repose, job stress, exile, tomb, hospitalization, death
Reversed: gradual recovery, mainstream, renewal, acceptance, freedom, employment, job change, release, freedom and contrarily nightmares, sleep disorders, abuse, defenselessness, withdrawal, isolation, danger