Four of Wands

Four of WandsFour of Wands is a day of rest to enjoy your accomplishments. This is a celebratory festival or ceremony of an arrival, return, reunion, engagement, wedding, birthday, graduation, anniversary, achievement award, traditions, holidays, parades, or end of harvest to venerate the successful exploits brought about by the Ace of Wands. This jubilee is a community affair of merriment and joy to commemorate, honor, or give thanks. Everyone dons their Sunday best and festoons the area for the momentous occasion. The partygoers are ready to let their hair down and have some fun. Family, friends, and neighbors rally to make this the social event of the season. The barbeques are stoked, the potato salad sits on ice, and the punch is spiked. Now they’re just waiting for the appearance of the guest or guests of honor. Love and support swirls in the air. The appearance of this card foretells positive ascensions in your life of successful business dealings, marriage, and friendships with a heavy emphasis on family. The release of something that was constricting your life is occurring. You might be moving to a different residence or making improvements in your current home. Hard work got you to this point and hard work will continue your monumental climb for more success.
Keywords: accomplishments, celebrations, ceremonies, successful exploits, completion, community affair, joy, merriment, commemoration, rewards, honor, giving thanks, family, friends, neighbors, guests, release, love, support, contribution, relaxation, concord, harmony, prosperity, praise, peace
Reversed: missed opportunity, overwhelmed, delays, departure, avoidance, haste, disappointment, mistake, indecision, loneliness, event fiascos, crossed wires, plans dashed, boredom, lack of growth