Oak Island Decoding

Oak Island Harmonic Connection

My mind has been in overdrive and my interest piqued after I discovered the heights of the opposing triangles of 3741 and 2640 feet in the Treasure Diagram page. Naively, I was thinking I had finished the decoding, but something wasn't right, and felt I was overlooking a basic symmetry, universal law or sequence of numbers, so I continued crunching numbers. What caught my attention right away was the numbers found in this decoding of 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77 and 88 and basic derivatives of 110, 220, 330, 440, 550, 660, 770, and 880. Although we might think Hendrick Hertz was the first to discover the Hertz standard; cycles per second has stayed the same. Nevertheless, what I discovered is amazing and will compare these repetitive numbers from this decoding with the below Harmonic Identity chart

HarmonicIdentities.Names.Frequencies.svg[1]The chart is attributed to Basavaraj Talwar of Mysore/Bangalore, India on Wikipedia's Music and Mathematics page. 

Let's focus on the frequencies in Hertz (Hz) at the bottom of the above chart and start with the 1760 on the right side and multiply 1760 by 2 and subtract it from 3741, which was found as the larger opposing triangles' height from the Treasure Diagram page, or 1760 * 2 = 3520 and then 3741 - 3520 = 221. Then we'll go on with the lower numbers in the sequence of 1650 * 2 = 3300 and 3741 - 3300 = 441; and 1430 * 2 = 2860 and 3741 - 2860 = 881. Now we've hit the 1320 number from the sword/cross arms where the location of a purported treasure exists from my decoding. Then the same goes for the numbers from 1320 and below on the chart but instead subtracted from 2640 or 1210 * 2 = 2420 and 2640 - 2420 = 220 and so on. If you go on with this comparison of the above chart, the 66 number that was found in the Treasure Diagram or now 660 equals most the other the numbers in the chart for 660/2 = 330 and 660 * 3 = 990, and the 770 is from 860 - 680 = 770 that was found Stars Diagram.

Let's revisit the numbers that we found in the Treasure Diagram. To find the 2640 foot-height triangles, we used 6.6 to 13.2 to 26.4 in degrees and then 26.4 turned into 2640, but what if they represented 660, 1320, and 2640, and as can be seen, they all appear on the Harmonic Identity chart. Let's do another what if. What if we continued the sequence of numbers from 660, 1320, 2640 to 5280. If we subtract 5280 from the height of the larger triangles, we get 5280 - 3741 = 1539 or ~1540. All these number are considered perfect 5ths and 7ths in music on the Harmonic Identity chart that make more perfect harmonically rich sounds. This process presented some interesting harmonic numbers, and I believe the number 528 indicates a tuning frequency or more precisely tuning frequencies that will be explained later in this webpage. However, he's not done yet and all roads lead back to the diameter of the Earth. In the Treasure Diagram I used 7,917.5 miles from Wikipedia (and other sources), which is the mean diameter, and in the Planetary Diagram, I used NASA's number of 7926, which is the equatorial diameter. In reality he wanted you to adjust the diameter to 7,920 or more precisely 5280 + 2640 = 7920 and 440 * 18 = 7920. I think most of us know that the Earth is not perfect circle but an ellipsoid. From pole to pole the Earth has an approximate diameter of 7,900 miles. Therefore, this invisible sphere of 7920 would reach out from each pole by 10 miles. Is there a resonance layer surrounding the Earth inscribing a perfect circle of 7,920 miles? According to Atmospheric Structure webpage, these extra 10 miles reaching out over both poles would include the troposphere and part of stratosphere up to the approximate boundary of the ozone layer and the convergent portals of the magnetic and plasma fields of the Earth. What the heck is going on up there that would be so interesting to the ancients? Is some type of energy being fed into the Earth from these polar regions? Did Nikola Tesla discover this anomaly when he purportedly found the secret to wireless electricity that was vehemently opposed by the powers to be?

Let's switch gears and revisit the three-circuit labyrinth that we found in the Treasure Diagram and the numbers 860 and 680 that averaged to 770. It appear to me that if the 860 and 680 numbers go away (which by the way when added equals the harmonic number 860 + 680 = 1540), he's now imaginarily is surrounding the possible treasure location by harmonic numbers with a seven-circuit labyrinth that has eight paths as the three-circuit labyrinth has four paths. Could these labyrinths represent music ratios, or is there something more that he's pointing out? Remember, his apparent diameter of the Earth of 880 was found in the Planetary Diagram, so we go from 880, 770, and then to the other harmonic numbers of 660, 550, and downward… from the numbers found in this decoding.labyrinth

Image found at Reclaiming Quarterly.

Could the clue for King or Queen of •∅: deciphered for the numbers of 110 and 111 on the Stone's Numbers page in the third symbol group on Line 2 reinforce this because they are all derivatives of 55 to 110, and then why the 111 number, but I have a good idea why it exits?

Then I got thinking about the 4320-foot sides (double the diameter of the Moon) of the equilateral triangles with a height of 3741 feet found the Treasure Diagram and knew the 432 Hertz frequency of A4 tuning in music is considered more human friendly to the soul than todays' standard of 440 Hertz; this 432 tuning is called Pythagorean Tuning, which uses eleven interval spans that's considered a 3:2 ratio with a 2:1 octave ratio. The legend goes that Pythagoras was walking by a blacksmith's shop and noticed while iron was being hammered out into certain shapes that they emitted different tones. Could all the circles, triangles, rectangles, and squares found in this decoding be related to sounds, and if this true, the ancients may have had a better grasp on the concept of frequencies than we could ever imagine? Could it be that the ancients knew of combining the 440 Hz tuning of 110 logarithmic increments with a mixture of the numbers 432, 528, and possibly 729 Hz tunings for healing or harming? Conspiracy theories swirl around that the today's standard of 440 Hz tuning causes aggressive behavior, but I have no plans of discussing this controversial subject.

Let's explore the difference between the 440 and 432 Hertz tuning. The Lunar Planner website has an excellent article titled Planetary Harmonics & Neurobiological Resonance that compares the 440 and 432 Hertz tuning to light, color, sound, and planetary aspects with the human brain. The actual frequencies of a myriad of tunings is found at the Physics of Music-Notes for you to compare their frequencies. Below is an approximation of the median 440 and 432 tunings, but I found something amiss about the accepted C5 of 512 Hz as the median number.440-432tuning

If 513.74 is multiplied by 3 or 513.74* 3 = 1541.22 (which reduces to 6), and again, we are close to the 1540 harmonic frequency but have an odd number. Let's take a closer look, if the G at 384.47 Hz is multiplied by 4 then 384.47 * 4 = 1539.48, which is very close to the harmonic frequency of 1540. Is there something about these odd and even numbers and harmonics?

For some reason my mind kept drifting back to the Celtic three-spiral symbol, and if it could represent certain numbers, so I forded on across the rushing rivers of time. Next I realized that any number multiplied by 3 or 6 reduces to a sequence of 3, 6, or 9, and any number multiplied by 9 always reduces to 9. If you multiply 3741 for the height of the larger opposing triangles by 9 it equals 33669 and reduces to 27 (3 + 3 + 6 + 6 + 9 = 27) that then reduces to 9 (2 + 7 = 9), the 1320 for the distance to the purported treasure is 1320 * 9 = 11880 (reduces to 18 and then 9), and 1247 found throughout this decoding is 1247 * 9 = 11223, which adds up to 9. These numbers display very interesting repetitive numbers, especially the 11223 from the omnipresent number 1247 found in this decoding. What is it about the numbers 3, 6, and 9, with 9 especially prominent?

As you will find out, my Whodunit page identifies a Scotsman as the code writer, so could the 3, 6, and 9 symbolize the Celtic Trinity for the number 3? Could the addition of 3 + 3 + 3 = 9 symbolize the amplification of the sacred number 3 to the Celts by making a triad within a triad within a triad? The below triple spiral shows that the numbers 3, 6, and 9 could easily fit into the tripe-spiral symbol of the Celts, known as a triskele. Could the number 6 be on the left and 9 on the right of the bottom two spirals with the 3 spirals a common denominator. This mix could make 996 or 966 and 9 + 9 + 6 = 24 that reduces to 6 (2 + 4 = 6) and 9 + 6 + 6 = 12 that reduces to 3. And what if the spirals outlines three-8's; then perhaps we have the numbers 3, 6, 8, 9 and possibly 12 (for 1 + 2 = 3). If you closely study the below graphic, the spirals really do appear to outline 6s, 8s, and 9s and each 3 spirals inside a spiral add up to 12.Triple-Spiral-Symbol-filled.svg[1]

So I put together a small table to compare the Hertz frequencies of the 432 Pythagorean tuning with multiples of 3, 6, 9, and 12, and it turns out most are very close. The numbers in parentheses are the actual frequencies, if they deviated from the multiplied numbers.


I didn't do all of the possible calculations. Of course not all fit into this scheme. For example 3 * 6 * 8 = 144, which would be D3 at 144.16 Hz (not on the table) and C4 at 256 Hz (256.87) would require you to multiply 8 * 8 * 4 = 256. If you put a circle around the triskele as often seen, could that depict 4 for the number of circles?

Below is the entrance to a tomb at New Grange, Ireland, that is approximately 14 miles from the Hill of Tara.TombBru_na_Boinne_Squire[1]

The triple spirals have been associated to eternity or perhaps this could signify the 9 worlds that the Norse believed existed; the Celts are closely connected to the Norse through geography and similar beliefs. Interestingly enough, the Arabic 9 is a spiral. The above site is approximately 500 years older than Stonehenge.

Something drew me to research the harmonics of power sources. Although they may have not had a modern power source of a positive, negative and neutral wiring system to install a ceiling fan, the numbers involved intrigued me. Allow me to explain. When there's fundamental frequency of a function f, the positive sequence harmonics is  f 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19… or the number 471, as you will see, and this produces magnetic fields and currents that rotate in the direction of the fundamental frequency. The negative sequence harmonics works in the opposite direction with the numbers f 2, 5, 8, 11, 14, 17… or the number 258, and the neutral sequence harmonics run the numbers f 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18… or the number 369. All the numbers in these three sequences reduce down to their basic sequence numbers. For example, in the negative sequence of 2, 5, 8, 11, 14, 17 the 11 (1+1 = 2 reduces to 2, the 14 reduces to 5 and the 17 reduces to 8. The numbers that we found so far encompass the Solfeggio frequencies as show below. What's cool about the Solfeggio frequencies is that 33, 66, 132, and 264 are all harmonic to his 528 tone, which apparently today is used to repair broken DNA strands. 

solfeggiofrequencies[1] Solfeggio frequency chart is found at Miracles & Inspiration website.

These pure tones are considered the Perfect Circle of Sound that have various healing properties and all of the above numbers reduce to 3, 6 and 9. However, my number 471 from the positive sequence harmonics above doesn't appear on the chart. I decided to reduce the 258, 369, and 471 as the ancients would think of them. So I looked for ways to divide them into whole numbers with 3, 6, 9 or 12, and this is what I found 258/6 = 43, 396/9 = 41, and 471/12 = 39.25. Opps, we have an anomaly when you divide the 471 number by 12. The only way it comes out a whole number is by reducing 471 to 468 for 468/12 = 39 (do you recognize that the number 468 is backwards from my adjusted sword/cross number of 864?), but I felt something wasn't right, so I adjusted the number again to 470 and subtracted it from 258 or 471 - 258 = 212 and 212 * 2 = 424 and 424 * 2 = 848 and 848 (847.8)/18 = 47.1. I question if this anomaly is self adjusting. I disregarded the 471 - 258 = 213 because 213 * 3 = 639 and didn't want any numbers that are found on the 528 chart, but perhaps I'm wrong about that.

However, I got thinking about the number 3741 for the larger heights of the opposing triangles from the Treasure Diagram and the 1247 from it's inscribed circle radiuses as well as the 1247 of the height of the smaller opposing triangles found in the Stars Diagram. Is this pointing out something with the numbers 147, 471 or 741? What about switching the other numbers found in this decoding as he has done before. What if the 360 of the arms of the sword/cross actually mean 630 and then 630 * 2 = 1260, which is close to the 1261.01 number in the Planetary Diagram as another key to the 56.04 key, and if the 720 is 270, then 270 * 4 = 1080, which is the number for the radius of the Moon. And what if the 2460 from the smaller Treasure Diagram's opposing triangles means 246 * 2 = 492, which could be a switcheroo of the measured number of the sword/cross of 429 from the arms of the cross/sword to the next boulder.

Let's go on with some thoughts. The 6.6° from the Treasure Diagram converts to 369 minutes and the number in degrees of 8.8° converts to 528 minutes, and there's others such as 1.1° converts to 66, 2.2° to 132, 4.4° to 264, 5.5° to 330, etc. One show stopper is that 18° converts to 1080 minutes, which is the number for the radius of the Moon. What if the 47 found in Line 1 of the Stone's Numbers means 47 * 3 = 222, which comes out as the decrease of the vesica piscis of 222.69 in the Stars Diagram? 

Is it a coincidence that the last two symbol groups of Line 1 decode to 47 and then the next symbol group decode to the numbers 9 to 10, which could mean 471, and then I noticed that the number 415 for the radiuses of the Stars Diagram smaller circles when added to 56 equals 471 or 415 + 56 = 471. After this exhaustive agreement, I started researching the possibility of a 424 tuning and found possibly another piece of the puzzle.

In the article Sacred Sounds Scale: Harmonizing 432, 528, 424, and 440 Hz into a Single Tuning. The author Bo Constantinsen does an excellent job explaining this 8 Hz incremental tuning that reaches to the 33rd frequency, and that it isn't necessarily sacred but harmonically natural and all are related by 8 Hz. I found it interesting that Bo made a point of excluding the 444 Hz tuning from this series, as did the code writer who made a point of adjusting the radius of the Earth from the number 444 to 440 in the Planetary Diagram page. Could the numbers ~39 and 41 and 43 found above fit into the below graphic?BoHarmonics

Sacred Sounds Scale of Ancient Harmonics (outer numbers) and some values in Hertz for the 8Hz Fundamental Tone (inner numbers) by Bo Constantinsen.

The legend of Blue Stones of Atlantis-Ireland and the Lost Tribe of E.A., and the article about it written by William Henry, that certain blue stones respond to certain frequencies of sounds be connection to my decoding. Although this article calls their God E.A. another acronym is I.A. for their God and right after the decoding of Deo on the Stone's Message is an IA. It's surmised that E.A. or I.A. is related to the Sumerians and so is the Pythagorean tuning. Could it be that the Anunnaki's handed down special knowledge, so man can manipulate the resonance of blue stones that exhibit a life force that supposedly opened celestial gateways? Interestingly enough, the symbol for this God-force is a cluster of three circles or orbs that could represent the triple-spiral triskele. Could the Goddess Danu (close to Anu for the leader of the Anunnaki) of Tautha De Danaan be their goddess or Inanna be a branch off the Oak tree for the Sumerian goddess Inanna to mean Danu?  The History of Ireland expands this concept with more examples of structures that were exquisitely built with technology not known for that time. What is agreed upon is that the legend speaks of a magical sword, a targeting spear that hits it mark, a stone of mystical powers, and a cauldron or cup holding the elixir of life. Does not Perseus in the sky hold the magical sword gifted to him by Zeus to cut off the head of Medusa that may represent the Algol Star System that we found. Does not the word ORD deciphered in the Oak Island Stone's Message end up meaning Sword, and could the arrow pointing diagonally downward at the end of the first symbol group found on Line 1 mean spear? It is said that the Stone of Destiny was spilt in half and one half stayed at the Hill of Tara and the other half went to Scotland. Could the inscribed stone I deciphered be a representation of these two pieces of sacred stone? It's believed that the Lia Fáil is not the original stone at the Hills of Tara and that the Monks spirited off the Scone Abbey Stone before being stolen. Could the Money Pit represent the cauldron or cup for the sacred elixir of life–water from a well?

Since it appears the inner planets, Sun, and Moon are pointed out in this decoding, I wondered if they emitted some kind mystical sound. Below is Planetware's profile for the Hertz, notes, and colors that each inner planet and the Sun and Moon emit. octavtones-planets

The Planetware site gives sound samples of each celestial frequency that are pretty cool to hear (especially Venus') and give the meanings and effects of these sounds, but I was still puzzled because I couldn't make any discernible connection to these low frequency sounds and my decoding. Therefore, I changed gears.

Let's do a brief review. The Earth is now to him the number 7,920; however the radius would then be 3,960, and we see the 3, 6, 9 numbers again. If we divide the 3960 by 4 we get 990 or 3960/4 = 990. One other thing came on my radar; if you double the diameter of the Moon for 4320, which appears he was indicating on the Treasure Diagram page, and subtract it from the diameter of the Earth or 7920 - 4320 = 3600, it equals the amount of seconds in an hour. The number 258 is seen in Algol's 2.85 day eclipse that also seems to be the number that the Egyptian's used, and it makes me wonder if this could be the 258 number that I pointed out in my power source discussion? The 7920 and 3960 both reduce to 18 and then 9, but the 285 number reduces to 12 and then 3. Is this how they thought? In the 440 tuning, G4 has the frequency of 395.56, which is almost 396.

A few more interesting facts arose from the ashes while looking for the speed of light in the numbers found in the decoding. I wanted to know if he knew the speed of light in a vacuum of 186,282.397 miles/second. So I got playing with the number 112 decoded on my Stone's Numbers page from the %285Θ of the second symbol group on Line 2, and the number 1662.76 for the sides of the opposing triangles with a height of 1440 feet that would of have an inscribed circles with radiuses of 480 feet, but he never really continued with this thought and kept theses number hidden in the backdrop because the two larger circles were considered only hanging out of the smaller opposing triangles and all he did was slide the triangles in the Stars Diagram apart without addressing these numbers. I've found you have to search around a bit for things that he thinks important, like his name and the number 26.4. Anyway, here’s what I found with regards to the speed of light in our atmosphere, 1662.76 * 112 = 186,229.12. According to Wikipedia, the speed of light is about 88km/s or 54.6708 miles/second slower through the refractive index of air and from my calculations is 186,282.397 - 54.6708 = 186,227.7262, which is only 1.3938 miles/second less than 186,229.12. For the speed of light in a vacuum, I took 186,282.397/1662.76 = 112.03, but if I truncated the 1662.76 to 1662 and multiplied 56.04 times 2 from the Planetary Diagram key, I arrived at 1662 * 112.08 (56.04 * 2) = 186, 276.96 , which is only a 5.437 miles/second difference. If you add a 0.003 to the 112.08, then it's 1662 * 112.083 = 186, 282.397–which is right on! Here's something interesting 1662.76/4 = 415.69, which is the inscribed circle radius of the 1247-height triangle found in the Stars Diagram. Could the ancients have known a good approximation of the speed of light in our atmosphere and in the vacuum of outer space or is this coincidental? Everything is somewhat adding up, but something's amiss. When I do the calculation for the Earth's resonance that is based on the speed of light, my number is just a small fraction over the speed of light. We know the resistance of Earth's atmosphere slows the speed of light, and in a vacuum it's supposedly absolute, but no one has ever addressed the idea of the speed of light under immense pressure inside the Earth. So I pose this question, where does the electrical energy from lightning strikes that hit the Earth on average of 432,000 times a day go to keep the planet pseudo-neutral? Is it that the Earth and its rotation make it a dynamo in itself from harmonics while holding a reservoir of energy that only needs to be tapped under certain conditions and at a certain depth, so Earth could give forth bountiful energy as Tesla purported? Or could the Earth be a capacitor of some sorts? From my memory, DC electricity without electric lines was still being run through the ground in the 1960s (at least in California) until it was deemed useless and electric lines were run at absurd costs throughout the country; I guess no one wanted to deal with a power invertor at the receiving end to convert DC into AC. 

My next thought went to the possibly of an inferred progression of numbers along the sword/cross that may be pointed out on the dimensions of the sword/cross. The measured numbers versus my adjusted numbers give us a plus and minus one for 145 -144 = +1 and 429  - 430 = -1. I got toying with numbers and came up with the below matrix that has astounding symmetry between odd and even numbers by adding 0 + 1 and then 1+2 and so on. It reminds me of the octaves of a piano because every 8 numbers (i. e. 1-9, 11-19…) are segregated into five segments that when reduced add up to alternating odd and even numbers with each segment of 5 adding up to multiples of 5 starting at 25. Allow me to exhibit a small portion of this matrix with the even numbers in maroon:Matrix

The sequence of numbers repeats again at 99 and the reduced number of 18 always equals 70. This five number sequence then cyclically repeat itself and gradually increases to higher numbers to 19… and 75… etc. The symmetry is striking, but what it means is open to varying interpretations. The number 18 was instrumental in formulating the Planetary Diagram and is found at the end of the first symbol group on Line 2 as %X on the Stone's Numbers (as seen below) that equals 60 and 80, so is he correlating 18 to the number 70? If so, then we get 60, 80 and 70 in that symbol group for 687 for the days that Mars orbits the Sun, or switched around 867 for the measured length of the sword/cross.


Interestingly enough and if this true, he runs a gamete from 50 in the last symbol group of Line 1 to 60, 70, 80, and 90 on Line 2.

Robert Fludd, a very controversial physician, astronomer and occultist, revised a music diagram in 1623 that he made after criticism from the famous astronomer Johannes Kepler. The below revised Cosmic Monochord diagram has some very intriguing features to it.


I realize it's hard to read, so you can click on this Flickr link from the University of Glasgow for a version that you can expand and cursor around for you to view in more detail. Fludd associates the planets by their symbols to various frequencies. On the far left center of the diagram is the symbol of Taurus and across from it on the far right is the number 3. As we know, the Algol Star System is in Taurus. You will see many numbers on this diagram that were found in the decoding 432 for the 4320 found in the Treasure Diagram page (234 was the number found for Mars in the Planetary Diagram but read backwards), 864 (648) for the adjusted number for the sword/cross, and 786, which could be from the 867 of the actual measured length of the sword/cross. If we made a 144 foot equal-armed cross then  144 * 4 = 576 that will become important information in the Whodunit page, which is on the diagram, and could be for the symbols of the Order of the Sword of an equal-armed cross above an upright sword. On top of that if you subtract 720 - 144 = 576; the 720 is the dimension of the two arms of the sword/cross or the bottom of the sword/cross from my adjusted numbers. Does the 729 in the center of Fludd's diagram that divides Mars and Earth signify something special about the diameter of Earth of 7,920 miles?

My childhood experience with piano lessons when my mother put "what she called an egg timer" on the piano, which ticked obnoxiously loud and horrendously offset the metronome in by brain forever, has not left me with the expertise to interpret this part of the code. On top of the many enjoyable years of classic guitar training in my adulthood, still has left me without the expertise to interpret completely these harmonic numbers to my satisfaction. I hope one day to elicit a number of music historians that are aficionados of ancient tuning systems for some help. The message is there, but I can't honestly say that I can interpret all its meaning. I threw many numbers out and made some points for those interested in trying to understand this part of the code.

Once again, I got waylaid before discussing the possibility that the Money Pit was a well (or symbolized a sacred well), and how it possibly worked in the Money Pit or Well page.

The comment section is found at the bottom of the Whodunit page.