I The Magician

The MagicianI The Magician is the number one man, the Magnus, alchemist, and legerdemain of creation. He creates something from nothing. The Fool’s world is under his command, and the Magician’s world is under his control, which makes his powers appear like magic. He’s hardwired into “the source" of human existence and symbolizes infinite possibilities, but however unrealistic it may seem, he controls this source by his conjured up willpower. He’s the representative of the planet Mercury, the planet of communication, and his rhetorical messages transform the energy of ideas into substantial substance. It’s the old magician’s abracadabra trick because abracadabra means “what is said, is done,” which brings us back the theme of communication. The caduceus, the wand carried by the god Mercury with the dual slithering snakes that are now on The Magician’s belt symbolizing eternity, exemplifies the unification that strikes harmony between the opposing forces of–heaven and earth. He’s depicted pointing to heaven with one hand and the ground with the other. This personifies Buddha, for right after Buddha’s birth, he took seven steps, pointed to the sky and then to the ground, and proclaimed, “I am the chief of Heaven and Earth.” The seven steps Buddha took were on lotus flowers symbolizing spiritual awakening. The closed lotus signifies the time before Buddha. The white lotus symbolizes purity of mind and spirit (The Fool), the purple–spirituality and mysticism (The High Priestess), the red–compassion and love (The Empress), the blue–logic and wisdom (The Emperor), the pink–history and legends of Buddha (The Hierophant), the gold–advancement to enlightenment (The Sun), and the fully open blossom–full enlightenment and self-awareness (The World). However, The Fool will have to wait and learn his earthly awakening from the Magician first before he meets The High Priestess for his spiritual awakening. The Magician unifies all the suits of the Minor Arcana cards with his worldly powers by the swoop of his wand and teaches The Fool how to use these cards as tools. You have to channel your powers as The Magician for things to appear, but without the action of abracadabra, nothing magically appears. Contrary to The Fool, the restraints you set on your life when The Magician appears, controls the outcome of your wand’s abracadabra, and again contrary to The Fool, the world is not under your command but under your control. The appearance of this card denotes that the full potential of the Querent’s tools and talents are not being exercised for looming transformations by holding back thoughts and dreams. The Magician is the lightning bolt of miraculous changes and opportunities conjured up by your mind. He leads The Fool into the blinding light of consciousness.
Keywords: abracadabra, infinite possibilities, control, self-awareness, willpower, skill, aspirations, inspiration, diplomacy, action, concentration, consciousness energy, creativity, movement, precision, conviction, manipulation, self confidence, objectivity, determination, initiative, consciousness
Reversed: powerless, unskilled, poor timing, impatience, ungrounded, unstable, lawlessness, charlatan and words starting with “d”–disgrace, dishonor, discredit, debase, defile, disorder