XI Justice

XI JusticeXI Justice imposes the laws of the universe. The double-edge sword of Justice brings punishments or rewards. Past actions connect inexorably to your present state of affairs. Every action triggers a reaction, you reap what you sow, what comes around goes around, and effect works to affect. The truth will come out. The universe metes out punishments for evil deeds and rewards for virtuous acts. The appearance of Justice makes you accountable for your past in light of the present circumstances. Occasionally you sit in the judgment seat or on the other hand are being judged by yourself and others. Legal matters may pop up on your radar screen with a positive outcome. When Justice appears, you know something is out of balance, and you need to right the wrongs or at least make some adjustments; in essence, there are matters in your life that need attention. The truth is the truth. The sign of Libra reminds you that you must balance the scales of justice or receive the sword of accountability. The decision has been made, and The Fool has learned the balancing act of being responsible for his actions.
Keywords: cause and effect, right and wrong, punishment or reward, virtue versus evil, unbiased decision, legal matters, disputes, fairness, ethics, truth, virtue, impartiality, distance, coldness, objectivity, criticism, cleverness, insensitivity, decision, intellect, analysis, responsibility, rationality, logic, reason
Reversed: harsh judgment, injustice, bigotry, bias, severity, life out of balance