King of Cups

King of CupsKing of Cups is of two minds. He’s placid water on the outside and a fiery inferno of molten passion on the inside. His judgments are arrows that strike the heart in an affectionate way. He’s an envoy of superb company, good tidings, and sexual prowess. As with any king, infidelity is a given, but he holds many more secrets in his hands. This composed King brings balance back into lives in anarchy. He’s the disciplined disciple for soothing erratic emotions and grounds these turbulent forces with serene demeanor, worldly knowledge, and an intuitive psyche that taps into the conscious and subconscious realms. Paradoxically he is the King of emotions but is dispassionate when dealing with others unbridled emotions. His decrees are objective and fair, and he is the ultimate peacemaker of his kingdom. King of Cups is the conflict management master of arbitration and spiritual leader. The treasures of his love are his wife, family, friends, and a tranquil kingdom. Cups of revelry are enjoyed in social gatherings that he hosts often. Moderation is the lesson of the Cups, and once again, a reminder that a fair leader is a loved leader. Don’t let his watery emotional exterior squelch the fire burning inside you, and don’t let his fire inside you evaporate your heartfelt feelings of the water. You have to balance your kingdom with fairness, good advice, and love. Success in love follows in his wake. Make sure you have adequately interpreted your emotions to spiritually connect yourself to the world.
Keywords: passion, intuition, good tidings, sexual prowess, intimacy, balance, secrets, fairness, unbridled, love, family, friends, gatherings, knowledge, strength, support, mediator, therapist, expert, compassion, reconciliations, forgiveness, business, law, divinity, creative intelligence
Reversed: drunkenness, cold hearted, dishonest, double-dealing, roguery, demands, injustice, vice, manipulation, mistreatment, scandal, considerable loss