King of Pentacles

King of PentaclesKing of Pentacles has the maturity, strength of character, and financial acumen for successfully running for-profit businesses. He’s the quintessential corporate owner or CEO that holds the scepter of the world in one hand and the pentacle of earthly wealth in the other. Realistic goals are the source of his power and the rock of his solid foundation of success. He rolls up his sleeves and works hard side by side with his hardworking Queen. Greed is not his focus, but his monetary prowess leads to financial security. Reprehensible fraudsters and swindlers never acquitted from their violation of his trust. All work and no play is unhealthy; therefore, balance work with pleasure, for work accomplished is only one reward out of many in the earthy realm. The position and security he holds did not come easy. Demanding hours of work driven by indomitable patience had its sacrifices but success now gives him the leisure of enjoying other satisfying activities with family and friends. Children are a joy to him, but he teaches them responsibility and the enjoyment of simple things in life and doesn’t shower them with lavish gifts. Money can’t buy happiness. From his apprenticeship through his Page and Knighthood days, he never lost passion for the goals he set many years ago. As with the Emperor, he uses logic for problem solving. Doggedly his pursuits are single-minded that can make him pigheaded. This hard-nosed attitude can cause resentment, especially from his children. The appearance of the King of Pentacles reminds you to scale down risks and strike when the iron is hot for change. Timing is everything. His presence foretells of future success but success is earned for health, wealth, and happiness.
Keywords: maturity, financial whiz, expertise, respected, realist, analytical thinker, pragmatic, perseverance, intelligence, teacher, dedicated, determined, commitment, long-term planning, confidence, ethical, leadership, goal driven, patience, moderation, business aptitude, mathematical abilities
Reversed: inflexible, stubborn, unappreciative, unimaginative, unproductive, impractical, boring, inadequacy, loss, debt, impatience, thievery, materialistic, unrealistic, lazy, weakness, dysfunctional, ugliness, perversity, danger, abuse, uncaring, corruption, vice, failings, wantonness, boorish