King of Swords

King of SwordsKing of Swords holds the ultimate power of life and death, love and war. Reason of the mind controls his decisions. He militarily rules his kingdom by command and can be a tyrant or a fair judge. Obedience is his game, but his decisions are for the interests of the kingdom. He’s the warlord at the forefront of insurgences with his knights galloping behind him to protect his territory. However, the majority of the time, the battlefield has been traded for the courtroom of his chambers. The impetus Knight of Swords has transformed into the effectual enforcer of the code of law. As they said on the old Dragnet show, “Just want the facts ma’am.” Lawbreakers are shown no mercy, and he throws the book at them. He’s the master of the spoken and written words and deals with all legal matters down to the nth degree. Thus, reminding you to recheck your facts and review the fine print in contracts. The King of Swords’ judgments come from the three-tiered idea of values, morals, and ethics. The Latin word for values, valēre, means to be of worth or of importance. Moral values protect and respect life based on right and wrong. The word moral originated from the Latin word mos meaning custom. Moral ethics are his guiding principles of set standards of acceptable behavior in cultures and groups. The Greek word ethos means character. Ethics are moral values in action, essentially the principles of tolerable conduct. Therefore, values, morals and ethics boil down to worth of customs and character. His sword is Excalibur that represents his rightful sovereignty to honestly judge business to family matters. The word honesty originated from the Latin word honestatem and means honor received from others. Honesty is the heart of the King of Swords card, and as well, he expects obedience to his authoritarian dictates without remonstration. Don’t let your emotions get in the way when you wield your Excalibur to secure your rightful place in the world.
Keywords: law, power, brainpower, brilliance, logic, judgment, innovation, flexibility, problem solving, developing ideas, rationality, authority, enforcement, legal matters, articulation, objectivity, ethics, morals, values, well-versed, militant intelligence, tyrant or fair judge, obedience
Reversed: warped mind, emotional outbursts, temper tantrums, scornful, derisive, power hungry or powerless, confused, diffident, intimidation, reproachful, violence, treachery, barbarism, cruelty, tyranny, unhappiness, unfavorable judgment, errors, missed details, ambiguity