King of Wands

King of WandsKing of Wands has the free-spirited energy of fire that burns within him that molds the world to his standards because he has the power to make things happen with his actions. He’s the ardent flames of a quintessential problem solver and honest thinker. His subjects love and admire him or hate and despise him, but as with the Queen of Wands, he can meddle in affairs that cause harm to others even though he had good intentions. The rough around the edges Knight of Wands has matured into a refined dignitary. When young the Knight of Wands played with fire, but the King of Wands has learned to use fire for the good. His position forged through good old-fashioned trial and error during his pursuit for adventure as the Knight. Out of the box thinking is his gift and wagers on educated guesses that usual turn out in his favor by hedging his bets with cutting-edge ideas. His feet hit the ground running when he gets out of bed in the morning, and his mind is still racing when he dozes off to sleep at night. The conundrum of all-embracing and independent describes his character, and he expects those qualities in his family, friends, and coworkers. As with the Queen of Wands, he’s the champion of the underdogs. He is the harbinger of spiritual transformation and a bold and mighty force that will come to your aid. If a great leader wishes to be in front of people, he has to be behind the people.
Keywords: free-spirited energy, problem solver, out of the box thinker, all-embracing, confident, willful, independent, meddling, spiritual transformation, action, get-up-and-go attitude, courageous, uninhibited, motivator, friendly, generally married, conscientious
Reversed: irrational, passiveness, weakness, impatience, unqualified, incompetence, braggart, boorish, arrogant, severe, undisciplined, jealousy, immaturity, intolerance, moody, rage, jealousy, impatience, narcissistic, ostentatious, despotic, oppressor, haughty, abuse of power or powerless, lack of ambition, failure