Knight of Cups

Knight of CupsKnight of Cups is the methodical seducer of romance and follower of his dreams. This handsome knight sparks intrigue from those who ogle his helmet, chainmail, and armor with the cup of romance in his hand. He arrives on his steed carrying messages of passionate intrigues. This Knight-errant searches for love while on his King’s quests. This awe-inspiring Knight bears the mystery of love while wooing everyone in his court with his noble exploits. Courtly philandering entails duels with competitors for his heart’s desire, but foremost he is a lover rather than a fighter and dominates his foes through his diplomatic charisma. He’s the quintessential peacemaker and peace lover that wields his emotional cup of persuasion without the aggressive use of his sword and is well liked throughout the kingdom for his smooth talking manner. His presence warns of difficulties, but his dreamy nature can also carry dreams to the holder of the card for them to overcome difficulties. Zeal of romance is his passion. He’s the lascivious gigolo of the cards, falls quickly in and out of love, and warns of serious trouble from his idealistic seductions that ruthlessly captures the hearts of those he’s charmed or his own emotional cup of turmoil from unrequited love. The Knight of Cups warns you to balance your emotions because intense infatuations or emotive disturbances of love could be happening now or are on the way in the near future. Faith and confidence could take you to new heights. The peaceful waters of success are forded when you go all out and follow your dreams.
Keywords: romance, seducer, intrigue, messages, love, persuasion, wooing, charisma, philandering, infatuations, difficulties, dreams, arrival, good fortune, approach, messenger, peacemaker, sexual advances, proposition, invitation, incitement
Reversed: trickery, artifice, subtlety, swindling, duplicity, abuse, fraud, inert, daydreams, deceit, false promise, uncommitted