Knight of Pentacles

Knight of PentaclesKnight of Pentacles strives for success. Responsibility supersedes the stardom of knighthood. Time is money, so the Knight of Pentacles doesn’t waste it. He takes his work very seriously. The spinning eddy of the other Knight cards is not as fast for the Knight of Pentacles. He’s more than happy to trudge along in a solid gait to work towards an end to a means. If money did grow on trees, it would take him that amount of time to make a bountiful harvest from his methodical work ethics. He’s grounded in tradition and prevents his realm from spinning into the chaos of constant flux. Defending his turf is part of his forte but prefers peaceful negations to bloody battle. Physical strength and strong character are his attributes as he plods towards a job well done as the workhorse of the Knights. Contrary to his brother Knights, he prefers to stay out of the limelight and work quietly in the backdrop. He evaluates every situation, is a stickler about organization, and is not good at impromptu improvisation. He uses the tried-and true-methods of achieving success his own way. The appearance of the Knight of Pentacles portends success if you’re not shy to get your hands dirty from hard work and the patience to wait for the slow accumulation of pentacles as the reward while avoiding the workaholic syndrome.
Keywords: successful, methodical, traditionalist, ethics, organization, patience, utility, service, reliability, loyalty, habitual, volunteering, trustworthiness, dependable, competent, contribution, assistance, supportive, collaboration, high standards, turning point, strengths, skills, development, rectitude, interests, responsibility, workaholic
Reversed: spendthrift, fickle, indolent, irresponsible, hindrance, unqualified, unreliable, unengaged, selfishness, moocher, idleness, stagnation, discouragement, carelessness