Knight of Swords

Knight of SwordsKnight of Swords aggressively rides his steed with his sword held high into conflict. His intelligent mind runs as swiftly as his horse. Knights are the upstarts of the court, and to prove themselves, they are the movers and shakers, the cavalier champions of opposition, defiance, and conquest. No moss grows under their feet. An eddy of activity spins around them. Duty gallops the Knight of Swords into center stage, for one day he would like to be king, but the Swords have a tendency for being dysfunctional. The previous cards in this suit struggled from the pressure of stress and strains. However, explosive and misdirected fire energy flamed by air combusts things into worthless confetti. Reining in the fire of his smoldering disposition is the balancing act for this intense young man, who’s trying to make a mark in the world. Objectivity allows him to keep his fiery life in check. However, this Knight can go off the deep end, and up to this point, this suit has vacillated from complete complacency to unrepressed anxiety. Moral choices are made quickly with confidence and precision, because a great warrior should never get angry and must maintain his nerves of steel from intense thought behind his actions. The word fear has no meaning to him. Superior skills in oratory and rhetoric keeps him on top of his game for debating justice versus injustice, good versus unworthy, and vice versus virtue, leaving his audience in awe and inspiring them into support of his crusades. He destroys his opposition with his military prowess of words, and everywhere he sits on his horse is his battlefield, but this Knight should not wield his s/words too heavy-handedly while righting the wrongs, saving the damsel in distress, or defending the honor of his family. Insurrection is not out of the question through disgruntled acts of vengeance. In the affairs of love, he does not dally and moves on quickly after his exciting whirlwind of conquest because he is a free spirit. The Knight of Swords is a call for action and change but slow down and make sure you have thought things over before impetuously acting. Burning messages or warnings come from his mouth, and you have to take his counsel seriously. His presence may have already raced through your life leaving you in the dust or will be spontaneously appearing out of nowhere, be it a person, event, or opportunity. Travel during his appearance might not be smooth sailing. The Knight of Swords expects attention instead of paying attention, so this card reminds you to slow down and be attentive of your matters.
Keywords: incredible energy, intensity, aggression, conflict, opposition, defiance, conquest, dysfunctional, explosive, prowess of words, rhetoric, control, impulsivity, impetuousness, impatience, skilled, bravery, defense, enmity, call for action, change, free spirit, expedited decisions, vengeance, wrath, war, destruction, opposition, resistance, ruination, insurrection
Reversed: indifference, dangerous, reckless, arrogance, uncontrollable, distraction, corruption, deceitful, gullible, failure, recklessness, extravagance, unbelievable, untrustworthy, charlatan, vengeful, unfair, above the law