Knight of Wands

Knight of WandsKnight of Wands represents the gallant adventurous knight on his horse, but the blazing flames of fire causes smoke to get in his eyes, and he loses his direction quickly. His bravery is not questioned but his sanity and impulsive nature is, for his actions are without thought unless slowed down to a gallop. Rules are meant to be broken, and he flaunts his success while breaking them because rebellion is intrinsic to his nature. His traditional authoritarian position skirts the line of lenient to liberal to almost intolerable. The word humility for his valiant conquests is not in his vocabulary, but other high and mighty words come out of his mouth about his unequivocal heroism. Oh yes, he’s the best, the best that will be and the best that ever was–make no mistake about that when he tells you of his victories, and if his actions are questioned, his temper runs wild. Conflicts navigate towards him. He takes no prisoners, especially the weak of mind, and runs them down with his horse or swats them into unconsciousness with his wand, but nevertheless, he’s undeniable the whiz kid of the court with risk his middle name. Genius comes in many forms from stable and reliable to erratic and undependable, which is typically the latter for the Knight of Wands. Winds blow to stoke his fire and then burn out as quickly as they came, because he’s no longer interested in pursuing that avenue of action, but his launch pad of ideas evolves past his whim of distraction for others to take the baton. His conflagration takes you like a wildfire and makes you think about what you want and where you’re going and cares nothing about physical exertions because technology does that. No need to think you have to use bodily strength to overcome your opponent in this day and age. At times, only his horse knows their destination (but no one else knows this), as he rides along on his most trusted companion. Selfishness makes sure that his personal freedom is much more important than liberating others. Quick and unexpected changes flow in his wake. The activities around him are dynamic and things rush confusingly from one place to another. Vibrant transformations appear with his appearance, though they are little rough around the edges. He’s the one swooping up a damsel in distress as her knight in shining armor, but his sentiments lie in saving, not loving. The changes he augurs could come as a change of residence and familial discord from his disturbing antics, but he foretells success from his wild-untraditional ideas. His appearance advises you that you need to adopt a more cavalier stance and take control of the overbearing busy atmosphere, but by all means pursue the adventures he offers. The Knight of Wands laughs with you and at you if you’re not careful of his wiles.
Keywords: gallant, adventurous, launch pad of ideas, wild-untraditional ideas, ambition, spontaneity, conquess, courageousness, daringness, quick and unexpected change, transformation, rushing around, brave, arrogant, overbearing, rowdy, flaunts success, intolerable, rebellious, impulsive, erratic and undependable, temperamental, selfish, conflicts, familial discord, risk taker, wily, distracted, breaks the rules, departure, absence, flight
Reversed: no limits, aggression, thoughtlessness, discouragement, irresponsible, cowardice, discord, separation, martial frustration, interruption, rupture