Nine of Pentacles

Nine of PentaclesNine of Pentacles symbolizes the apex of success of material rewards along with spiritual self-satisfaction. The success of the material world spills over into the spiritual realm. Their abundance happily rides into the sunset hand in hand because you have humbled your instincts with self-reliance. A snail’s pace was required to build a fortune little by little until a little became a lot. Patience learned from the Strength card has paid off. You have coursed through your time of hard work and now are free. The drudgery of work, worry, and hurry are over. Sacrifices were made and now you have the luxury of free time to choose what you want to do with your time and money. This leisure time can be spent on hobbies, interests, recreational reading, and relaxing meditation while bonding with nature and the celestial sky. Because money, land, and property are the theme along with discipline as the driving force, an elegantly decorated home in a natural setting may be in the stars for you to enjoy your solitude, while this quiet time is broken up by vacations to destination of immense beauty. The card reminds you not to hide from life in your beautiful surrounds but enjoy the company of a significant other, family, and friends. You mulled over opportunities in card seven, worked hard in card eight, and are now reaping the bountiful harvest. The Nine of Pentacles demarcates the end of a cycle. Discipline learned from The Chariot is needed to maintain your wealth to provide for the future. Guarding your wealth is as important as maintaining it. However, money comes and goes but spiritual achievements are never lost because you’re confident that you could go out and make more money, but you have enough to indulge yourself at this point. Self-respect is high on the list of must keeps. Earthly wealth is one thing and self-worth is by far another; they can’t be compared because it’s the irrelevant comparison of apples to oranges.
Keywords: success, happiness, end point, diligence, creativity, autonomy, past difficulties, growth, fruitfulness, knowledge, control of circumstances, learning, prudence, accomplishment, prosperity, purpose, return to an idea or place, long-term commitment, personal control, changing role, fulfillment, certitude, discernment
Reversed: unlearned lessons, intolerance, ignorance, absent presence, mediocrity, undersold, overworked, overly clinical thinker, dissatisfaction, wasted talent, financial difficulty, debt, roguery, inappropriateness, deception, illegal gain, laziness, voided projects, failure, disorder, bad faith, disillusionment, impatience, overspending,irresponsibility, self-importance, illicit sex, ill health, lead astray, child loss