Nine of Swords

Nine of SwordsNine of Swords is in the depths of despair, but there’s more “D” words to describe this depth despondent, distressed, discouraged, and desperate for hope and relief. You or someone you know is scared of the dark and things that go bump in the night, but the darkness of this card makes you more scared of yourself. In fact, you are your own worst enemy and in a state of total desolation from personal torment. Whatever is bothering you is eating you up inside. The nine circles of Dante’s Inferno are sucking you towards the gates of hell from perhaps an illness, loss or death: abandon all hope ye who enter here. Each of the eight previous agonizing Swords cards has traversed you through Dante’s burning circles of brimstone and fire. The pain, guilt, and regret are devastating. Secrets swirl around in the air waiting to be exposed. Wherever this person is heading, it’s the back gates to an end of a cycle. Become accountable for the difficulties and dilemmas that you have caused or have undesirably allowed by others. Face your fears or they will face you. When falling into this fearful trap, worry begets more worry. Release yourself from yourself. Pretend your problems are a piece of glass and then shatter it in your mind into small pieces, so you can get a good night’s sleep without worry; when you wake up in the morning, be resolute to resolve these problems in the light of day. Perhaps it’s just maudlin anxiety going out of control that is groping for a life preserver. You have to swim through the grief of mourning and reach the shore of understanding safely or drown in your pain. This is the roughest card in the Tarot deck to face.
Keywords: despair, mourning, recuperation from loss, despondency, distress, discouragement, desperation, desolation, personal torment, sadness, dispiriting times, loneliness, illness, loss, death, anxiety, difficulty, dilemma, pain, guilt, regret, devastation, secrets, end of a cycle, facing fears, worry, release, sleeplessness, sorrow, imprisonment, quiet suffering, failure, consumed by grief, powerless, miscarriage, delay, deception, disappointment
Reversed: escape, dispelled worries, hope, courage, open communication, exposed secrets, and contrarily victimization, weakness, depression, fear, deeper suffering, warranted worry, doubt, suspicion, grief, shame, nightmare, paranoia