Nine of Wands

Nine of WandsNine of Wands is the stamina to overcome hardships. Drained of strength and wounded, he realizes the show must go on. Difficulties follow this card and obstacles tumble in his way. This is his last line of defense to reach the finish line of his goals, but he has to muster the strength in the face of opposition and met his adversaries head-on. He’s at the end of the siege and needs to dig deep into to his inner self to leap over the finish line in all its unfurling glory. The crowd is cheering him on in his head as he rounds the bend for his chest to break the finish line tape. After his winning sprint, he senses that something is different. Enemies heighten their aggression, trusted friend act distant, and coworkers seem aloof. Strife follows this card if you allow it to. The hubbub of activity has sapped your energy, and you need a respite to rejuvenate your body and mind. Organize, assign, and resign some tasks to others. The one-man band show is over. You’re definitely part of the Broken Heart Club, and your present or past romantic intrigues turned out to be worse than Ivan the Terrible. Put distance between you and that person for your own safety.
Keywords: battle weary, constant conflict, repercussions, setbacks, sadness, reflection, escape, freedom, guarded, delay, suspension, adjournment, acceptance
Reversed: obstructions, despair, dashed hopes, blame, defensiveness, failure, loss, bad odds, over demanding, judgmental, defeat, wasted effort, confrontation, stubborn, mistakes, reproachable, controversy, mistrust, reassess and is just an unappealing card