Oak Island Decoding

Oak Island Decoding Clues

Let's follow the clues to see if we can answer the outstanding questions of who, what, where, why, how, and when to solve the Oak Island mystery. We’ll start with the clues of "where" and possibly for an indication of "who" by finding three locations using bearings from Point A, Oak Island, to three Point Bs, or as the software that I'm using, the S is for start and the D is for destination locations. I've added dropdown pages to this Oak Island Decoding menu as I worked through each topic from my notes.

Below is a reproduction of the inscribed Stone found at Oak Island, Nova Scotia. The stone was reportedly laying flat in the Money Pit at a depth between 80 to 90 feet but has been lost in time. If you think the below inscription on the Oak Island Stone is a hoax or of no worth, you can skip this page and the Stone's Message and Stone's Numbers pages, but it brings a lot of different information into the party. In fact, I will demonstrate on the Treasure Diagram page of how I found the same numbers for a purported treasure location four-different ways without using any information from this stone's inscription and only the dimensions of the granite boulder-outlined cross, known as Nolan's Cross, and the dimensions from a small-stoned triangle that was surveyed in 1963 before its destruction for more excavation. For those who are not familiar with such geographical features, I would urge you to continue on, as they will be explained as we work through the decoding.

Stone image enhanced for better clarity from Biblioteca Pleyades.

OK, let’s find our first location. If the two ∇s at the beginning of the first line are Roman numerals, then V=5 and VV=55, and now I’ll turn it into a bearing and plug it into Geo Midpoint's Bearing and Distance Calculator. I’m going to adjust this just a bit and set the bearing to 55.00237° (to get right over the hill), and then set the Distance to 2,610.5 miles and Earth model to Sphere mode. This places you over the Hill of Tara in Ireland.

Click here for the interactive Geo Midpoint Bearing and Distance Calculator map.

Aerial photo of the Hill of Tara.
Photograph by Michda

The name Tara means star. The Hill of Tara functioned as "Teamhair na Rí" or the Seat of the King, and the location of Lia Fáil or Stone of Destiny used as an ancient coronation stone and reportedly brought to the site by the Tuatha Dé Danann, tribe of the gods. When the King put his foot on the stone, it supposedly roared. Unsurprisingly, to me anyway, the earthwork enclosure of the hill is in the shape of an eye. Keep this in mind because it will become important later and also note the "Ri" for King because we will see it again when I decode the Stone’s Message.

Now let’s find our second location of interest. Below is a map of Oak Island showing a cross outlined with five conical-shaped granite boulders weighing approximately 10 tons and one sandstone boulder allegedly in the shape of a lion’s head at the intersection of the cross arms. The cross has been coined Nolan’s Cross.

 This image is no longer on Friends of Oak Island due to website reconstruction, so I transferred the image from my personal notes.

Every good map has north on the top, so we’ll give it an azimuth bearing (angle deviation of the cross from True North) of 60° in a counterclockwise motion, and in the Bearing and Distance Calculator set the Bearing to 60.506° and Distance to 5,142.5 miles while making sure Earth model is in Sphere mode. This places you at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. As you will find out, the code writer's numbers are ±1. However finding a location over 5,000 miles away from Oak Island by approximately 40 miles is not a bad feat.

 Click here for the interactive Geo Midpoint Bearing and Distance Calculator map.

Now let's find our third location that will be resolved when we get to the Stone's numbering system, and you don’t even have to adjust the bearing because it runs exactly over the location of interest. In the Bearing Calculator set the Bearing to 50° and Distance to 2,701.7 miles while making sure Earth model is in Sphere mode.

 Click here for the interactive Geo Midpoint Bearing and Distance Calculator map.

As you see, this places you exactly over Scone Abbey or Scone Palace Chapel in Scotland where the Stone of Scone (also known as the Stone of Destiny) resided for the coronation of Scottish monarchs.

I don't think it a coincidence that one bearing from Oak Island lands very close the most famous religious site in the world, and the two other bearings land over the most ancient sacred sites in Ireland and Scotland.

Now let's go find out what the Stone's Message says… If you like this site, click on one of my advertisements to purchase something from Amazon through my advertising portal to keep this site up and running. 

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