Oak Island Decoding

Oak Island Stone’s Message

Next, we'll take a look a the inscribed Oak Island Stone for clues to see what information it can give us.

Stone image enhanced for better clarity from Biblioteca Pleyades.

Don’t become alarmed that the Middle English words are a bit misspelled because he did this to accommodate for his numbering system that I’ll address later. The Stone’s inscription is a cipher (translated into words), and the ∇∇ symbols will instruct us to construct a geometrical diagram that I named the Stars Diagram. The words translate into Middle English with a few words of Latin/Greek origins; beneath the below symbols are the translations. I’ll explain each word systematically.WordCodeLine One:
ORD–The word ORD means from this place, point of origin, source, point, spear point or spear in Middle English. Moreover, the Latin word "ordo" means order as in a sequence or military order; I believe he means both. From now on, I will use he, him or his to refer to the code writer. Right after the ∇∇ on the first line is the %, reversed percent symbol. This symbolizes the Great Circle. Anywhere you bisect it on each side outside the exact middle generates smaller circles. Learn what a Great Circle is so you can understand as I work along with the code. And obviously, the word ORD becomes WORD with the preceding W.smallcircle[1]

Image accredited to Tony Kirvan 12-4-97 but found no source to give you a link.

The Great Circle calculations were used to find the bearings for Hill of Tara, Temple Mount, and Scone Abbey in the previous webpage, and that's why I had you set the Bearing and Distance Calculator to Sphere mode. Additionally, the ∅ that follows the %, or Great Circle, is an antiquated symbol for diameter.  

FIND–the :: is a composite of the letters I and N. The first : symbol is an I, and :: together trace an N for the word "IN". Middle English for the word find is finden (findan or vinden were common also).

BILOE–is an abridged version of the Middle English word for below or bilooghe. Another take on this is bi-twice and lo(w)en-lowered or twice lowered because Middle English for low was lowen.

DEO–"de" means from, away from, down from, down from the bottom, and opposite from and to. He’s also probably also referring to a god because DEO is Greek for God. God in Latin is Deus or Dei. I'm going to jump ahead and will just mention the Tuatha Dé or tribe of the gods right now.

Line Two:
IALLAOH–As mentioned, I’ll translate this later. I can tell you that it appears to be a code within a code for the name of the code writer.

TO THE Circle with a dot inside it (circumpunct it's called)–"to the" is straightforward. However, the circle with a dot meant a number of things to him: in the code, it indicates the radius of a circle, a number, and most importantly a particular star system. You’ll understand right away when I explain the geometrical Stars Diagram that I will construct on the next page.

•RI–the dot can mean signing for the King AND is connected to the circle dot from the former symbol group. RI means King or Queen in Greek acronyms and is Latin for Rex Imperator (King) or Regina Imperatrix (Queen). RI can also mean a shared regency of some sort. Rex Iudaeorum means King of the Jews. is a Gaelic acronym for a Scottish and Irish King. Remember, the Hill of Tara was the Teamhair na Rí or Seat of the King. I believe he’s meaning both a celestial Queen and betraying earthly King or Kings.

BTRAIE–betray in Middle English is bitraien.

Diagonal Arrow in Line 1–I want to address arrow that's found at the end of the first symbol group of Line 1 because it's related to the word BTRAIE. I thought of it as a direction pointing to Nolan's Cross or meaning power or war, but it appears to have another meaning that I had never thought of before. In Middle English, the words raie or raye means a ray of light, but it's origin comes from the Latin word radium for radius or spoke of a wheel as well as staff, stake, or rod. Therefore not only is the ∅ symbol found in that same group mean diameter, but the arrow symbolizes radius and the word BTRAIE as seen above or more preciously BT/RAIE is indicating the word raie for radius or wheel. However when the word diametors or through measure came into being by Euclid, it never inferred a circle by a measurement but more geared to a square. Nevertheless, we'll see that the diameters and radiuses of the inner planters and the Sun and Moon will become very important in this decoding.

I'll make a few observations at this point. Firstly, the Money Pit could merely be a point of origin or ORD and a well (or sacred well to them). I won’t bore you with my write-up about how I think the well works until later because it’s quite technical, but at that time, I will discuss my take on the ruins of a cofferdam along the shore of Oak Island. Secondly, if you extend the two slashed lines on the second V and consider the VV a W, it could say SWORD or SSWORD or two swords. I’ll give you a visual explanation at the beginning of the next webpage of how the S or Ss work. I know this could be true because at least one S seems to come into play in his numbering system of the code.

Let's go construct a Stars Diagram on the next webpage. If you like this site, click on one of my advertisements to purchase something from Amazon through my advertising portal to keep this site up and running.

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