Page of Cups

Page of CupsPage of Cups has aspirations and dreams, which has everything to do with earthly emotions connected to spiritual awareness and intuition. Sixth sense comes into play and drifts him off into other dimensions and worlds. Love is his aim, and fantasies are his game, but the spiritual world is his plane. His hopeless romantic nature makes him an idealist, sentimentalist, and definitely an unrealistic dreamer in all his affairs. Falling too quickly head over heels in love with someone or something usually lands him in the Broken Heart Club. Either he will be walking on air from falling in love and in the dregs of despair from being the unrequited love. When his feet hit the ground and he sticks his head out of the clouds, disappointment consumes him. He has much yet to learn about loving thy self before being able to love another. To please others, he must first please himself or inevitably gets caught up catering to someone without reciprocation. The child inside him is easily upset and moody, which causes people to keep their distance, for no one likes a slobbering crybaby. From his sensitive character, discord is his enemy and such disagreeable emotions spirit him away to calmer waters. Creative arts complement his fantasyland imagination and are perfect distractions from falling into pitfalls of dejection; his messages unlock our creative potential that is lurking in everyone. He’s the town crier of news or important messages of social affairs or the instigator of gossip from his overactive imagination. He’s the peacemaker of conflicts, uplifting messenger from the deceased, courier of dreams, and the bearer of advice. His natural psychic abilities can confirm your inner most feelings that you haven’t listened to recently. You must interpret his subtle messages that he offers for deeper meaning while paying attention to coincidences and events. The Page of Cups never ceases dreaming, because once abandon, they will never come true.
Keywords: messages, intuition, aspirations, imagination, dreams, visions, spiritual awareness, otherworldliness, fantasies, hopeless romantic, idealist, sentimentalist, sensitive, insightful, artisan, fair, realizations, renewal, studious, synchronicity, coincidences, innocence, psychic, unrequited love, disappointment, dejection, gossip, enabler, temperamental, news, reflection, business affairs
Reversed: disappointment, tantrums, egocentric, delays, penchant, unhealthy attachment, seduction, deception, artifice, secrets