Page of Pentacles

Page of PentaclesPage of Pentacles is Mr. Responsible. Don’t let his youthful façade mislead you because he is a traditionalist. His appearance is the harbinger for material, career, and health issues. You might receive a new job offer or a promotion to climb up another rung of the ladder of success, or you could be in the process of contract negotiations or important business dealings, but he makes no rushed decisions. Someone or something will bring the pleasing message that he has been waiting for or at least some kind of promising town crier news. He is flexible, follows the rules, and applies common sense from his toolbox of management skills. He has a keen eye that sees opportunities and quickly profits from them that brings abundance in his wake. Risk taking is not his forte from his grounded earthly nature, but this attribute can also work against him, and he finds himself taking reasonable risks to advance. Therefore, he learns everything he can about certain subjects before making decisions and taking action. Team management is his strong suit. He uses his time and resources wisely. Academic prowess in the recent past or current studies leads to his goal of financial security. He’s not the one to dance on the table at a college party but study quietly on the table at the library and has no time for frivolities as he diligently works and studies towards a means to an end. Physical stamina is important to him and health concerns should be closely monitored because of his long work hours. He’s not the most romantic lover but steadfast and loyal in his relationships. The Page of Pentacles brings messages of financial affairs and asks you to plan your future and get working towards your long-term goals.
Keywords: commitment, application, involvement, responsibility, business expertise, news, messages, flexibility, follows the rules, common sense, challenges, perseverance, hardworking, skilled, team player, management whiz, financial security, traditionalist, reasonable risks, study, scholarship, hidden talents, reflection, health concerns, rigorous hours
Reversed: undedicated, fear, uncertainty, failure, recklessness, pretender, detached, irresponsibility, nonparticipant, untapped talents, denial, anxiety, unqualified, indifference, disappointment, dissipation, apathy, financial losses, delays, insecure, liberality, extravagance, unfavorable news