Page of Swords

Page of SwordsPage of Swords governs the exchange of spoken or written words from his airy disposition of thoughts, ideas, and opinions. In fact, he has a tornado of ideas spinning in his head. Mental acuity makes him the brainaic of the suit, but this young bloke needs to learn the lessons of emotional control from The Chariot and the idea of nose to the grindstone from the Pentacles suit. Wise does not mean he’s sensible at his young age, for he has the tendency to have his head in the clouds. Jaw-dropping honesty is a virtue to him, and he doesn’t mince words from his nonjudgmental nature. Solitude is welcomed for retrospection, reading, and academic pursuits with no time for frivolous relationships and romantic overtures. His appearance heralds the swirling of new ideas but details can mire the timeline of execution. However, he does warn of keeping an eye on details, so things don’t get out of hand. He teaches the power of the mind and makes you think and reevaluate previous plans for unrealistic thoughts and dreams. He would prefer to ask forgiveness than ask permission. On the other side of his two-edged sword, his windstorm of information warns about the act of deception. With his head in the clouds, he stands on a windswept mountaintop yodeling the echoing caution about acts of espionage spread by rumors, gossip, and hearsay that cuts the air with his sword. His party-line vacuum of prattling misinformation is always waiting to be filled and warns that someone may be gathering intelligence about you. He is the envoy of diplomacy and opportunities, who can rhetorically talk out of both sides of his mouth, and persuade you to share information that should have been kept private. His sword can plunge to the hilt to the heart of the matter with precision and challenges you. He seeks facts, details, rumors and lies, and passes them on regardless of the consequences with some information troublingly incomplete. He’s the troublemaker who speaks with forked tongue. Withhold joking and gibe remarks because you will get more words than you bargained for and not in a good way. Trouble can be his middle name, and long-winded talker is his game. However, his seamless words charm the birds out of the trees and the inhabitants out of their buildings because he speaks his peace, fights injustices (when not gossiping), and is a champion problem solver. All Pages bring news and this one is no expect with possible legal or health matter issues along with his all time favorite–gossip.
Keywords: space cadet, thoughts, ideas, opinions, honesty, retrospect, nonjudgmental, fights injustice, news, messages, missed timelines, reevaluation, deception, rumors, gossip, misinformation, diplomacy, opportunities, facts, details, vigilance, spying, indiscreet, prying, surprising news, long-winded talker
Reversed: cruelty, worthless ideas, conflict, hurdles, distress, financial fiasco, unforeseen happenings, peril, unprepared, sickness, heartlessness, reproachful, vindictive. two-faced, offending, demonstrative or isolationist, fantasizer, worrier, disaster, undisciplined, wounded, condescending, defensiveness, controller