Page of Wands

Page of WandsPage of Wands is the blazing fire of a youthful spirit, which is ready to race like wildfire from adventure to adventure, and personifies the escapades of the young at heart, the young and dumb, the giddy and foolish, but everyone sure had a good time when young in that vital force stage. Intense lessons are learned during his ardent exploits. His fervent flames ignite the young and old to begin anew and hail new beginnings of hope, change, and opportunities. Life may have been dormant until his searing pyre scintillated your heart into action, but fire can renew or devour, so you must be careful when playing with fire with the Page of Wands because adventure can be chance and good luck or risk and danger. He fans the flames of passion to kindle exhilaration for travel, liaisons, cultures, ethos, edification, and creative enterprises. The fireworks of “exciting and new” are flying up in the sky. You feel alive again. He’s the messenger of inkling ideas; the undeveloped ideas you’ve had in the back of your mind for a long time. He inspires prophetic changes as he skips through life and takes you out of your comfort zone into new depths and heights. His inner child might be scared of the unknown, but he faces his fears and leaves self-doubt in the burning flames, for the Page will become a Knight one day. Sparks fly when the Page of Wand appears, but he’s the carefree love’em and leave’em kind of guy, so don’t look for a commitment. Announcements come from his mouth that brings fire-whirls of transformation. As with any Page or news card, this suggests pulling another card for clarification or carefully reading the spread for more signs of the message.
Keywords: adventure, escapades, exploits, young at heart, vital force, new beginnings, hope, change, opportunity, playing with fire, travel, liaisons, cultural intrigues, learning, creative enterprises, envoy, messenger, transformation, ideas, new perspective, exploration, versatile, mercurial, expansiveness, favorable testimony, intelligence
Reversed: bad news, indecisiveness, instability, inflexible, rut, rigid, status quo, one-sided, lackadaisical, procrastination, excuses, delays, wavering, troublemaker, rebelliousness, boredom