Oak Island Decoding

Oak Island Planetary Diagram

Out of curiosity, I wanted to know if the longest axial length of the sword/cross boulders could tell me something about the diameters of the four inner planets: Mars, Earth, Venus, and Mercury because I suspected the four boulders might represent the inner planets. I also noted that the length of 864 feet (from my adjusted length of 144 + 430 + 290 = 864 (instead of the 867 of measured length) could possibly symbolize the diameter of the Sun, which is 864,948.7 miles, so I threw the below diagram together. The circles symbolizing the inner planets add up for a radius of 444 with a diameter of 888. PlanetaryDiagram

The number 444  is rounded off from a 443.5 radius and 887 diameter of the larger circles' discovered in the Stars Diagram page, but at the time, he didn't go into any detail of the height of the equilateral opposing triangles surrounding the larger circles. If the triangles existed, because these circles were just hanging out of the triangles by 56 feet, then we have triangles with a 1330.5 foot-height with the sides of 1536.33 feet with inscribed circles of 443.5-foot radiuses and 887-foot diameters with the larger circles linear vesica piscis length of 1440 - 1330.5 = 109.5 and 109.5 + 112 (56 * 2) = 221.5 * 2 = 443 feet. When I rounded this off, it’s 110 + 112 (56 * 2, hanging out of the smaller triangles) = 222 * 2 = 444. I did the above calculation that way because we saw these numbers in the Stone's Numbers page alone or when added.

In the first symbol group of Line 2 of I∴CC∴%X, I thought the %X or 18 seemed out of place and possibly connected to the following symbol Θ (theta) for 9 in the next symbol group. So, I did a few calculations to see if I could find any numbers between 18 and 19 that made sense with the diameters of the inner planets in miles. According to NASA’s Planetary Fact Sheet, Mars' diameter in miles is 4,221 miles, Earth's 7,926, Venus' 7,521, and Mercury's 3,032. Therefore, I divided them by previous numbers found on the sword/cross and numeral translations to see how close to the number 18 they could come. Here’s what I found: Mars 4,221/224 = 18.84, Earth 7,926/430 = 18.43, Venus 7,521/415.69 = 18.09, and Mercury 3,032/168 (56 * 3) = 18.05. The average is 18.353. Another confirmation is 224 (Mars) -168 (Mercury) = 56.  The diameter of Mercury for this ratio is also found by subtracting 888 (the diameter of the larger circle 887/888) minus 720 (the length of the blade of the sword) or 888 - 720 = 168. Were the ancients off by a few miles give or take for the diameter of the inner planets? Something didn't seem quite right, so I continued on…

OK, so I redid this exercise again using 18 as the magic number with one minor adjustment. I used 7,924.3 miles for the diameter of the Earth, which is a 1.7 mile decrease from the accepted diameter. I’m looking for the number 1261.01 and 56.04; the 5604 is from the second symbol group in Line 1 in the Stone's Numbers page found for the word Find. Here are the same calculations as above using the number 18: Mars 4,221/18 = 234.5; Earth 7,924.3/18 = 440.24; Venus 7,521/18 = 417.83; Mercury 3,032/18 = 168.44; now I’ll add them up 440.24 + 234.5 + 417.83 + 168.44 = 1261.01 and 1261.01 - 1247  = 14.01 (1247 is the height of smaller triangles); now multiply the 14.01 number by 4 or 14.01 * 4 = 56.04 for the translation of 5604 from the symbol group for the word FIND. Another way of thinking about this is if 1440 - 1247 = 193 and 1440 - 1261.01 = 178.99, then subtract them for 193 - 178.99 = 14.01. The answer is "Yes," the ancients evidently knew the apparent diameters of the inner planets! The number 56 is always part of the mix in this Planetary Diagram. I wanted to recheck where the oddball number 234.5 for Mars and the number 168 for Mercury came from. Here’s what I found. If I add 234.5 + 56 = 290.5 (end of the sword by my numbers) and 234.5 - 14.01 = 220.49/2 = 110.245 (the numbers 110-111 is in one of the symbol groups in Line 2 of the Stone's Numbers page,) and the 168 for Mercury is a multiplication and subtracted exercise for 56.04 * 3 = 168.12 and 168.12 - 56.04 = 112.08 (the numbers 112-113 are also seen in a symbol group of Line 2). He seems to be focusing his attention on the center of the overlapping circles or vesica pisces.

I have two more things I would like to point out. Firstly, if you take three of the dimensions from the sword/cross and add them, 430 + 360 (one arm) + 290 = 1080, which equals the approximate radius of 1079.5 miles of the Moon. If the height of an equilateral triangle is 1080 feet (720 + 360) with the sides of 1247.076 feet, then you have an inscribed circle that has a radius of 360 feet and circumscribed circle with the radius of 720 feet. You’ll see on my last graphic in the Stars Diagram page where I put four-blue dots and a circle around the binary star system. The Moon’s diameter of 2160 would be another 360 feet (or 360 * 4 = 1440. I put the dots there because he instructed me to from the : : symbol as part of the word FIND. It appears he wants the moon to surround the diagram. I’m assuming my blue circles are depicting the phases of the moon or at least the waxing crescent, waxing gibbous, waning gibbous, and waning crescent, and if shifted 45° (45 is seen in the last symbol group in the Stone's Numbers page) would represent all eight phases of the moon. Secondly, it appears there's a connect of the numbers to Venus (417.83) with the radius of the 415.69 of the smaller circles in the opposing triangles. This poses the question if the smaller circles are interchangeable with Venus and are the larger and smaller circles that were dispensed with to make the a binary star system also symbolize Venus and Earth (443.69-444 to 440) rather than the eclipsing stars of Algol? It makes one wonder if their beliefs consisted of a female trinity of Algol, Venus, and the Moon connected to Mother Earth. Nevertheless, his most important number is 440, which symbolizes Earth. As we previously saw, this comes into play to find the supposed location of a purported treasure.

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