Queen of Cups

Queen of CupsQueen of Cups offers her woman’s intuition and brings good tidings to the Querent from her loving mentorship. Her watery subconscious dips deep and reflects back into you or from you to another person, so listen for her voice talking to your inner self, waking your slumbering self-awareness and sharpening your awareness of the milieu, for her lessons are internal and interpersonal. Intimate details of your life are shared with her. Do you think to feel or feel to think, or what you think you should be feeling from preconceived ideas? What are you truly feeling? Are you listening to your gut feelings? The Queen of Cups looks past the surface of the water in her cup to reveal divine mysteries, veiled motives, and deep secrets. Family and home are her domains and peacemaker is her game. From her mothering nature of sharing, nurturing, and caring, she comforts those in distress from runaway emotions and is a natural born healer of wounded hearts. However, there’s a danger of her being seduced by her own fantasies and hates to leave her calm spiritual world for the harsh realities of the real world. She is a great advisor but can’t apply this great intuition to her own life. Perhaps you are brooding over feelings of the heart too much and not listening to her heartfelt advice.
Keywords: intuition, good tidings, mentorship, inner self, guidance, exposed mysteries, seeing truths, nurturing, sharing, caring, cosmic journey, self-awareness, beauty, fair, honesty, devoted, gift of vision, success, happiness, loving intelligence, wisdom, virtue
Reversed: distinguished woman who should not be trusted, heartbreak, perversion, vice, dishonor, depravity, addictions, enabler, unforgiving, insecurity, drowning in emotions from rough waters