Queen of Pentacles

Queen of PentaclesQueen of Pentacles is the knowledgeable and understanding mother and mentor of practical matters. Planning and goal setting organizes her life for control over her future security. She accomplishes her tasks with good old-fashioned hard work, exhaustively manages everything down to the minute detail, and sows the seeds in the earthly world for success. She does things right the first time and does it with class. Her loving nature makes you feel welcome in her home and her elegant cooking tastes like dishes from a five-star restaurant. Although financially secure, she readily shares her monetary riches with others because her true wealth is built on loyalty, kindness, and honesty for her family and friends. Children are a focal point of her life to assure their childhood is enjoyable, active, and educational. She is a devotee of the emotional affairs of happiness and scrutinizes the meaning of wealth versus happiness. As a dedicated mother and guardian of her home, she focuses on familial happiness on all levels but can be smothering, like The Empress, from her possessive and enabling nature. Magnanimity is her nobility to a fault. Nature and animals bring her immeasurable pleasure and bonds with them often. Her presence is a good omen of health, wealth, and well-being.
Keywords: planning, goals, expertise, experienced teacher, practical, generous, kindliness, honesty, familial happiness, practicality, leadership, patience, mutual respect, realism, guidance, guardian, mentor, determined, optimistic, security, magnificence, magnanimity munificence, liberty, well-being
Reversed: unsuccessful, foolishness, loss, overlooked opportunities, inexperienced, denial, underestimation, inexperienced, disarray, warning, disinterested, childless, disrespectful, materialistic, obsessive, laziness, possessive, suspicious, fearsome, unhealthy, money monger, indulgence, evilness