Queen of Swords

Queen of SwordsQueen of Swords holds intelligence behind her sword of truth and fair decrees but shows no mercy if wronged. Her rule is for love or money, but both can be snatched away from her. Her chastity can be from loss, divorce, martial conflicts, and separations, thus causing bitterness and spitefulness. Wanting to be alone does not equate to loneliness for this Queen but do give her the discrete privacy that she covets. She’s the personification of a mini-Empress and Emperor with the combination of compassion and logic, and also personifies the Queen of the chessboard with her innumerable freedom of moves and foresight of problems many moves ahead. The Queen of Swords sits on the throne of judgment holding her sword, reminding you that she has the authority to pardon or punish with her words. Her outspoken rulings are from her ability to perceive lies. Women overall can be very vengeful creatures, and when on her throne, you must restrain yourself or your resentment could go out of control. Romance to her is the clash of swords of intellectual conversation and debate. Educational pursuits are her passion. Honesty is the best policy when this Queen appears. The Queen of Swords is the quintessential mentor that freely gives her advice for you to logically evaluate every detail in your plans, apply innovative problem solving skills, and recheck your work. Heed her airy advice because you’ll find that she’s right. Those of her nature have an affinity for law and justice or professional-style undertakings.
Keywords: truth, guidance, mentorship, justice, pardon or punish, educational pursuits, honesty, logical, advice, problem solving, details, widowhood, sadness, sorrow, bitterness, embarrassment, absence, sterility, mourning, privation
Reversed: ruthlessness, closed-minded, inflexible, overly competitive, manipulation, maladjusted, grief, absence, dejection, deceit, malice, bigotry, malevolence, hatred, infertile, narrow-minded