Queen of Wands

Queeen of WandsQueen of Wands knows what she wants and will get it on her terms from her demonstrative and gregarious nature. She’s charmingly independent but well liked by all because she’s a dedicated mentor. Her fire energy sparks a fury of activity in her presence, and the world is her stage. Contests and spirited competitions are her fortes. Crusades that combat injustices for the underdogs have her carrying protest signs and collecting signatures on petitions, making her the leader of the pack. Clairvoyance makes her the soothsayer of the cards. Her sensuality is alluringly attractive, but her intense entanglement in affairs causes more problems than it solves, which is a sign to not overdo when she appears. Everything is under her control down to every minute detail, which is a bane for her husband and children, if she has any. She’s a heavy maintenance woman that is accustomed to a certain level of lifestyle that only royalty can afford because she’s a lover of all the expensive arts and very materialistic. Although obstinate, she magnetizes her peers with her charisma, but her judgments are phlegmatic.
Keywords: friendly, demonstrative, gregarious, teacher, creative adventures, placates emotions, dedicated mentor, encouragement, explosive, intense, charming, independent, competitive, soothsayer, sensual, overdoes, detail oriented, obstinate, entanglements, chaste, loving, honorable, love of money
Reversed: good, economical, obliging and contrarily quick-tempered, two-faced, intimidating, mocking, drama-queen, jealous, selfish, bitter, opposing, deceitful, vengeful, capricious, overbearing, dictatorial, infidelity