Seven of Cups

Seven of CupsSeven of Cups indicates difficult choices are at hand. Each cup holds its own imagined or real poison or pleasure–so which ones should you chose and which one should you lose? You’ve matured from silly infatuations triggering emotional distress and seek a new direction for your affections. You can’t let the feeling of absence slide any longer. Something is missing or something disturbing happened to shake your cage for you to analyze your level of happiness through soul-searching. What do you need to make you happy? What do you really want–individuality, sexual pleasure, love, home and family, wealth, success, deep emotional stability, spirituality? What will fill the voids that you are now feeling in your life, and what categories in your life have you been ignoring? Don’t let your imagination run wild with delusional thoughts because now you must see yourself for who you really are. The enticement of so many choices has your head spinning. Through the drug of temptation, you persuade yourself that a little fling (not the real deal) of some sort wouldn’t hurt anybody. Wrong! Guard yourself from such fleeting folly because the consequences aren’t worth it. You may be back spinning your wheels in grief with the Five of Cups or distracted by the what ifs of a hurtful past in Six of Cups, so stay out of fantasyland when this card appears, discern right from wrong, and start making some good choices.
Keywords: favors, sentiment, contemplation, impermanence, misconceptions, counterproductive fantasies, daydreams, unsubstantial thoughts, unrealistic plans, confusion, indecisiveness, disillusioned, discontent, apathetic, substance abuse, overindulgence
Reversed: comprehension, clear-headed, action, growing desires, will, determination, goal, sticking your head out of the sand, returning to the drawing board of life from impractical ideas