Seven of Pentacles

Seven of PentaclesSeven of Pentacles indicates your hard work is paying off. Harvest time from your labor is just around the corner. Seven of Pentacles is offering high quality products or services and very soon it’s payday. This will be the reward for a job well done. The higher-ups watched him toil and everyone that counts took notice of the superior results. The word profit means progress and success from the Latin word profectus. Pure perseverance is bringing you to this endpoint. You got your hands dirty, and you needed to go back to the drawing boards a few time and make some hard decisions and adjustments, but you’re not done yet and can’t drop the ball until the curtain closes after the final act. You must be vigilant because a number of things could put a monkey wrench in the works. Too much time, money, and blood, sweat and tears has been invested for you to get careless now. Impatience in Latin means not enduring and causes you to suffer unnecessary setbacks. It’s time to take a chill pill. Perseverance means to endure and persist. Recheck to see if all your ducks are in a row and continue to the end. Accolades follow the completion of your endeavors. You’ve improved you skills, expanded your résumé, and acquired good references. Your hard work has paid off–so now what? After ending something, it feels depressingly anticlimactic, and you are impatient for new opportunities. Break it up; the excitement is over. The tight wire act of change always entails risks. Once you’ve reached success, should you seek more with the potential for loss? This is the time to do nothing and reflect in hindsight as to where you want to go in the future. Your nest is now feathered with an adequate portfolio, and maybe it’s time to find a partner. Don’t search for this partner in all the wrong place; take your time and patiently wait for the right one. Maybe it’s time to retire and enjoy your harvest. The appearance of this card can also herald quarrels and altercations, and on the other hand can spark ingenuity, simplicity, and purification.
Keywords: payday, harvest time, profit, hope, fruits of your labor, perseverance, completion over the horizon, end point, patience, determination, centered, promotion, achievement, planning, growth, money, business, disputes, altercations
Reversed: giving up, fear, pessimism, impatience, haste, anxiety about money, drained resources, debt, loss, setbacks, disappointment, postponement, lethargy, fruitlessness, overexertion, excess, repossession, bad investments, frivolousness, culpable, resentful