Seven of Swords

Seven of SwordsSeven of Swords exposes the charlatans’ deceptive sleight-of-hand, like the flimflam man with much to say but adding nothing to the party while spreading manipulative lies and stealing you blind. His double-edged sword slices to victimize you. The wolf in sheep’s clothing is inching towards you. You can’t win a losing battle nor should you try, or otherwise, use your enemies’ weapons against them because you are diplomatically capable of doing so. Don’t embrace a shallow victory that incurs much loss. Stealing is one thing but taking by force is another. Unethical behavior should not be tolerated: win the game fair and square or get out of the game. Let your inner-self join the party, stop the bitter quarreling, and turn the enemy around from your absence. If an enemy can’t get close to you, he can’t hurt you. When Hannibal was told that it was impossible to cross the Alps with elephants, he said in Latin, “Aut viam inveniam faciam,” or translated into English, “I will either find a way or make one,” and you will overcome your challenges with that same attitude. You have to outsmart the sly fox. By the sword you seek peace, but peace only under your terms of liberty and justice.
Keywords: deception, sleight-of-hand, charlatans, manipulation, theft, victimization, cheating, wrongdoing, ill-gotten gain, scams, double-crossed, immoral, skepticism, betrayal, untrustworthy, deception, lying, unethical behavior, outsmart opponent, quarreling, failed plans, aggravation
Reversed: liberation, release, set free, good advice, counsel, announcements, lessons, prattling, unrealistic goals, antiquated ideas, victimization, secret, confession, mistrust, affairs, outfoxed, stealing, trickery, excuses, dishonor, unscrupulousness