Seven of Wands

Seven of WandsSeven of Wands teaches valor, courage in the face danger. You’re the person of the hour, but fame comes with a price. Success fell in your lap and everyone is scrutinizing what you say and do. It’s not that you didn’t work for it; in reality you’re very talented, like your work, and are good at it, which caught the eye of the public. Wherever there are loyal followers brings treacherous opponents. When you’re on top of the mountain many want to knock you down it, or better said, when people look up to you, they have a tendency to look down on you. Many want to supplant your high mountain position. However, rebellion finds you on top of your enemies, but you’re still fighting them off and need to stand your ground. This is where the going gets rough, and the rough get going. You must display to your loyal followers poise and dignity against your enemies. The price of forfeiting your privacy is high but the rewards are lucrative. Negotiations are raging for the closure of a contract, agreement or provocation, be it family, commercial or romantic. Strategize your next moves in advance as if in a chess game. Savor the fear of facing your enemies because you will preside and conquer these adversarial uncertainties. Valor inspires courage for you to accomplish Herculean feats. Stand up for what you believe in and let no other person tell you differently. Reevaluate if the battle is worthy of your effort. Don’t be a micromanager and trust others to help with the workload, or it will cause dissension and resentment. You’ve paved the way to stardom but have to keep the star shining. The wave of frenetic demands from your celebrity status will pass and life will eventually calm to a slower pace.
Keywords: valor, price of fame, position of power, scrutiny, followers, opponents, rebellion, confrontation, fighting, standing your ground, straightforward communication, opinions, convictions, responsibility, commitments, obligations, contracts, challenges, negotiations, skullduggery, enemies, on the defensive, strategizing next moves, stardom, demands, combat, defending territory, competition, staying power, besiegement, tiring, hectic
Reversed: conflict or peace, fight or flight, defensiveness or approachable, weakness, uncontrollability, setbacks, disadvantage, sabotage, doubt, perplexity, conflict avoidance, breakdown, embarrassment, anxiety, humiliation, disappointment, indecision, failure, imprisonment, infamy, disgrace, unrest, defeat