Six of Cups

Six of CupsSix of Cups warns you that the past is the past. When you remember the past, only remember the good times and only briefly take note of the bad. Nostalgia can be a tricky thing, and childhood memories are not all pleasant. Memories can be idealized, idolized, and distorted, causing disappointments when faced with reality. However, the Six of Cups is full of blossoming hope for the present and future if you learned your lessons from the past. You can’t live in the past and expect a present and future. Don’t escape into the past to avoid the challenges of the present leading to your future. Six of Cups reminds you that looking back in the past with fond memories gifts you hope and fulfillment for the future, but it’s the past and there’s more experiences to live to remember. You may seek solace and healing from family and long lost friends, but because things have changed so much, returning to the past typically is not an option. After your jaunt down memory lane, you revert to a childlike view of the perfect world that opens your heart to the pleasures of new experiences and opportunities that are waiting for you. Give and receive these gifts as your future grows like the bountiful wildflowers of the fields. The fertility of this card expresses gifts, rekindled love, sexual pleasure, new environment, advanced knowledge sharing, inheritance of money or skills, homesickness, the blessed event of childbirth, and the loving care from your family or you caring for an elderly family member.
Keywords: nostalgia, joy, past memories, past loves, rekindled love, childhood, family, ancestors, friends, disappointment, painful recollections, emotional stagnation, reminiscences, satisfaction, happiness, pleasures, gifts, hope, fulfillment, newness, new experiences, personal growth, solace, healing, insight, new perspective, inspiration, sexual pleasure, new environment, knowledge, inheritance, homesickness, fertility, childbirth, family support, reunions, memoirs
Reversed: future, truth, renewal, release, freedom, what will come to pass, doldrums to action, fantasizing