Six of Swords

Six of SwordsSix of Swords theme is sailing away from confusion and tribulations. However, you might still be reeling from the aftermath of the Five of Swords unsettling quandaries of a futile battle and defeat. Running away is not a panacea, but a good start towards healing, and you are slowly regaining your sanity from the Five of Swords’ insanity. You may have left a situation electorally, fled in a panic, or asked to leave and let the door hit you in the arse on the way out. Life might not be the same, but it will go on and eventually float into happier times. It’s time to get your sextant out and plot a new course of action. Clear your head from the muddle and take a good look at the route you just sailed, where you are now, and where you are going for a seamless transition from the negative past to a more positive future. The rough and rocky waters are now calming. Objective over subjective thinking is required to welcome this new direction. Although emotionally painful to cut the apron strings of the past, the new horizon looks pleasantly inviting. Common sense and rational thinking keeps you afloat if you can shed the turmoil of the past. Allow your intuitive inner-self to sail your boat into placid waters under clear skies. Travel can be in the cards for a restful trip, quiet vacation, healing pilgrimage or a meditative journey of the mind. Neptune’s influence of water related accidents could pop up on the radar screen. Protect your health because it should rank first over money and love. Perhaps it’s just prima facie. The Swords cards’ true nature is for deleterious uses and this harmful weapon must be neutralized.
Keywords: leaving confusion behind, escape, retreat, flight, change, new direction, new situation, separation, clarity, renewed hope, relief, objective thinking, accidents, health matters, travel, awareness, turbulence, renewal, journey by water, route, waterway, envoy
Reversed: freedom, hope, recuperation, desire, declaration, confession, and contrarily restrictions, conflict resurgence, problems, distractions, irrationality, avoidance, grief, impatience, long journey, trapped