Six of Wands

Six of WandsSix of Wands is victorious spoils won through competitive acumen. You are in the last few seconds of reaching the top of the Mount Everest of your goals. However, the egotistical self can rear its ugly head with arrogance, pride, and avarice without noting any mistakes on your part. Your knowledge and skills should shine for themselves without you giving yourself a pat on the back. The solutions to the last few dangling details should be practical and pragmatic because you are the victor. With fame comes fortune, but don’t let the fiery of this fire suit make you think that you’re not human and reign above others. You might be privileged for the moment but that can change in a heartbeat. A good dose of humility goes a long way after you reach the top, or you might tumble down the mountain. You have every reason to be proud of your accomplishments but no reason to be bombastic like an over inflated hot air balloon. Your zeal for life’s ventures is contagious and followers congratulate and support you. Uplifting news may reach your ears. You or someone you know is the person de jour, but once a person has the momentum to go up in the world, it’s a precarious position to not let the momentum take you down; gravity always pushes people back to earth. Don’t be a flash in the pan or a one hit wonder.
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Reversed: delays, imbalance, fleeting success, self-doubt, hesitancy, fear, underhanded success, undeserving, unscrupulous, over inflated ego, neglect, opposition, victorious enemy, apprehension, difficulty, fear, distrust, treachery, unfaithfulness, betrayal, unsuccessful, subservient spouse, accident, descent, failure, unhappiness, laziness